How to Find Tenders Online?

by Carter Toni

Are you looking to win a bid for your business? Have you tried eprocurement? If it seems like an alien concept, you need to bookmark this post right away. Here, we will tell you all about online tenders and how to find these e-tenders online to help your business run for a longer term.

What are Tenders?

A tender is an offer or an invitation placed by a government authority and financial institution for the completion of a project. When a tender is placed in the market, bidders place their bids, i.e. their offers in response. THis includes their pricing, the materials they will be using, the time they will take to complete the project, statements about their business and their experience in the field. The best bid wins it and the tender goes to that bidder.

What are e-Tenders?

An e-tender or electronic tender is just like a tender but in electronic format. Everything is done online, starting from registering as a bidder, getting e-signatures, uploading documents, to inviting bids, placing bids and allotments of these tenders.

What is e-Procurement?

Earlier, when the internet was not invented or wasn’t very popular in the country, governments would invite bids for tenders by public announcements, usually in newspapers.These were then taken up in open spaces where government representatives as well as bidders would assemble. Bids would be placed here, on paper and allotted in the same manner. This would lead to extended time;lines and very often, bidders would thrash the government representatives of corruption.

To combat such troubles, e-procurement came into existence. E procurement is a process of obtaining a tender online. To understand in an easy manner, take it like this – Procurement is to obtain something. Now, to obtain the same thing online, it would be called e-procurement.

And when we are talking about tenders, e procurement is obtaining or winning an e-tender online or via the internet.

How to Find Tenders Online?

To search anything online, what do you do? You simply open Google or Bing, etc. and type your query. And then we get like hundreds of results and then choosing from these results becomes another task. The same happens with finding tenders online. Let’s understand this in detail.

For example, you are hoping to win a Maha e-tender (Maharashtra online tender) for your construction business. For this, first of all, you will be needed to register yourself with the Maharashtra e-procurement website and obtain your digital signature. Then you will have to search through multiple tenders across the website. If you simply search for e-tender on Google, you will get thousands of results. It could be Delhi tenders, MP tenders, Mahatenders, etc. To narrow your search results, you will need to add correct keywords, like Mahatenders for construction or Mahatenders for PWD works, or something like that.

This obviously is a very long and cumbersome process. That’s when we suggest you get yourself a subscription plan on websites like BidAssist, Tiger Tenders, etc. These websites are experts in the field of online tendering.  

Tenders by Location

The easiest way to find a tender online is to search it by location on e-procurement websites like BidAssist, e.g. Maha e tender, MP tender, etc. This way, you will get a list of all the active or inactive tenders in a particular location.

Tenders by Organisation

Another way is to give your tender an organisation’s name. Like Bombay High Court tender, MCD tender, etc.

Tenders by Status

This is an efficient way of filtering out inactive tenders from the active ones, in case you want to get a list of all the tenders by status. On any e-procurement website or websites like BidAssist, you will find this option to search for active tenders, archived tenders and all tender results

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