How to Find the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

by Carter Toni

Many people are amazed to discover that there is more to choosing sunglasses than simply picking the colour and frames you like the look of. The whole look of any eyewear can change completely depending on the shape and how that suits the shape of the wearer’s face. If you are wondering which sunglasses would be best for your face shape, there is fortunately a lot of guidance available to help you make the best choice.

Firstly, you need to know what your face shape is, depending on your face dimensions. Then it’s time to find the frame that will best suit your face shape. In the information to follow, you will find out how to determine your face shape and then which frames would be best for you.

Determining Your Face Shape 

There are few key features of your face that you can use to determine the shape. Consider the three main areas below:

Jawline – is it angular or curved?

Forehead – is it narrow or wide?

Cheekbones – are they prominent or soft?

Now you’ve taken some time to examine your face, what are the sunglasses shapes that would best suit it? Let’s find out.

A Square Shaped Face 

The distinguishing features of a square shaped face are the broad forehead and chin and the wind, angular jawline. If this is the shape of your face, look for thinner frames with rounded edges that are wider than your cheekbones. Round frames will bring an aesthetically pleasing contrast to your angular features, oval frames will balance the sharp lines of your face and coloured frames will pull attention towards your eyes. Wider, curved designs of sunglasses will work towards softening the sharp angles of your face while also balancing your cheekbones.

A Round Shaped Face 

A round shaped face boasts soft curves and smooth lines, quite the opposite of square shaped faces. The cheeks are usually fuller, and the chin is more rounded, with a similar width throughout the face. To contrast these softer lines, choose more angular shaped frames that add sharper, distinct lines to create balance. This advice applies to eyewear in general, as well as specifically sunglasses too.

A Heart Shaped Face 

If your face is wider at the forehead before slowly narrowing towards the jaw, you likely have a heart shaped face, whether the shape is round or long. In such cases it best to play around with wider frames, like those with wings or aviator shape to balance and complement your features. The best sunglasses for this shape are ones with deep bases and subtle wingtips.

A Triangle Shaped Face 

The widest part of a triangular face is the jaw, and it gradually narrows up towards the forehead. To complement these features and add an element of contrast, try out frames that play with the opposite: wide tops and narrower bottoms. This will bring great balance to your features, definition to your brow lines and draw attention to your eyes. Cat-eye sunglasses or aviator are a great option in this regard.

A Wide Face or Big Head 

When choosing eyewear that will suit wide faces or a big head, it’s good again to consider what the complementary proportions will be. Companies like Faded Days Sunglasses specialise in sunglasses for big heads. The wider frames provide enhancing proportions that suit the larger faces.

Choosing Sunglasses Made Easy 

With all of the advice and guidance that is available on the internet these days, it’s not difficult to get the information you need to make wise choices about your sunglasses!

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