How to Generate Leads On Your Website

by Carter Toni

It’s not easy to find leads for a business. Competition is fierce in every industry. It’s no surprise that 61% of marketers say generating leads is their number one challenge.

That’s why having a website helps. It offers a 24/7 salesperson that informs people about your products and makes sales.

But having a website isn’t enough to generate leads for your business. Read the guide below to learn how to generate leads with your website.

Create Email Opt-ins

One problem with getting someone to visit your website is that they aren’t always in the mood to buy. A limited number of people will convert into customers on the first visits. For other people, they need time to consider what you offer.

The problem is that it’s hard to reach out to those people again. Creating an email opt-in allows you to capture customer information and allows you to communicate with those people. This will help keep your company top of mind when someone is ready to buy a product.

Use Call to Actions

Many people are left wanting more after reading website content. The problem is that some website design professionals don’t tell people what to do after reading. This leads to people leaving your website and not buying products.

A call to action will direct people to the right place to take action. You can tell people to check out a product, give their email addresses, fill out a contact form, and more. Use whatever action makes the most sense for what you want your visitors to do.

Target Your Audience

General website copy alone won’t work if you want to make sales. Not everyone out there will want to buy what your website offers. Talking about problems and using language that appeals to your ideal buyer makes more sense.

Learn all you can about the people who visit your website and tailor it for them. Check out the benefits of using Canddi to see how you can use software to learn more about the people looking at your website content.

Test Small Changes

You should start seeing patterns once you start getting website visitors. You’ll see which pages perform the best and which ones need work.

But this isn’t where you should leave things. Your goal is to generate as many leads as possible from each page, and the only way to do this is to make small changes to see which ones result in higher conversion rates.

You can do this with A/B split testing. Continue testing small changes and keep the ones that result in more leads.

Keep Optimizing to Generate Leads

Website management isn’t a one-time process. As time passes, you’ll need to continue optimizing your website for design and content to appeal to your customers. You’ll perform small tests to see how they perform and stick with the changes that generate the best results.

Now that you understand how to use your website for lead generation, you should have a better idea of how to make those changes. Put the tips above into place today to optimize your company website and generate leads.

Do you want to read more guides that will help you run your business website? Head back to the blog to learn more.

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