How to hire a Coffee Cart for Your Business Event

by Carter Toni

Hiring a coffee cart is an increasingly popular option for corporate events, which means there are a lot of options to choose from. But how do you select the right coffee cart for your event? As with any service, it’s important to know what you want before you start searching.

Here are some things to consider when considering the next coffee cart hire in Melbourne for your business event.

How many people will be attending?

This will help determine the type of coffee cart and level of service required. If you have over 50 people attending then a full espresso machine is required. Also, if your guests are not going to be able to stand in line without missing part of the event, then staff will be required

Will the coffee cart require power? Coffee carts come in many forms, and one question that must be asked is whether or not power is required. If you plan on having the coffee cart outside or in an area that doesn’t have power, then it’ll need to run on batteries and/or a generator. If you’re planning on having an indoor event with power available, then you can hire a much larger coffee cart that has more options.

Which drinks do they offer?

This may seem like an obvious question – but only if you know what options you want! Do you want plain black coffee or something more exotic? What about tea? Will they provide vegan and plant-based alternatives? All of these questions should be asked ahead of time so that you can determine whether the coffee cart hire you are looking at is suitable for your event.Having a coffee cart at your event will help keep people focused and alert. Regular coffees can help keep delegates tuned in throughout the day, especially if an event is long or starts early in the morning. More attentive guests mean more interaction with your brand, which helps to build trust and loyalty.

The Type of Coffee Cart You Need

There are three main types of coffee carts available for events.

The first one is outdoor carts. These carts can be used in any outdoor space and they allow the staff to move around and offer drinks to guests.

Indoor carts are more like mobile bars and can be used to serve drinks in larger indoor spaces. These carts will also come with an espresso machine and enough space for staff members to work comfortably.

If you need something more private, you can opt for a fixed coffee cart. This will be put in a specific place at your event and guests will have access to it throughout the day or night.

First things first… You need to decide what kind of coffee cart will suit your event best. Are you looking for something sleek and modern? Perhaps you want something rustic and vintage? Perhaps you want a mobile cart that can move around an area? Or maybe you want something more permanent in one spot?

Think about the style of your event, venue and general branding when choosing your coffee cart. This way, it will seamlessly fit into its surroundings.

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