How to Improve the Events Service at Your Hotel

by Carter Toni

If you aren’t hosting events, weddings, conferences, and more at your hotel, then you are only earning a portion of what you could be. Events is a big business, and if you have a space that can accommodate a room full of people, then you have another revenue chain that you should be investing in.

Upgrade your setup

One of the best ways to immediately improve the events and service you offer at your hotel is by upgrading the event space or spaces themselves. This can be a simple upgrade or a full renovation. Whatever you do, try to keep it neutral, clean, and pleasant. The goal is to make it enjoyable to spend long hours in the room. Match high-quality banquet chairs, tables, podiums, and other event essentials that you would want to keep in storage should they be needed for the overall aesthetic of the event room. This is the best way to draw everything together and to offer superior service and event space at your hotel.

When it comes to choosing your aesthetic, be realistic about the type of events that you will hold. If the space is beautiful, then you will be catering more for parties. If it is a rectangular plane room with minimal light, it will likely be more useful for talks and conferences. Match the décor to the type of events most likely to be held in the space, and you’ll be able to immediately market your events service better in the future.

Create Clearer Events Packages

Clear marketing is essential when it comes to marketing your venue and booking events at your hotel. Don’t create just one that includes all the different types of events that you can hold. Instead, create separate packages, web pages, and marketing campaigns that focus on that one single type of event.

This is a great move for your marketing efforts and can also immediately improve any SEO efforts you are investing in. Create a separate document, page, and campaign for the corporate events, the non-profit events, the talks, the parties, and so on.

Set Up an Improved Booking System

If you have been relying on your clients to call you directly to discuss booking your venue, then you need to immediately rethink your booking system. Creating an online portal that allows clients to compile an efficient form full of the information that they need can expedite the process, put your client in the driver’s seat, and is a very good way to capture the interest and business of younger clients. Always have a phone number available for those who prefer to book verbally, but offering more than one way to send in a request and to manage their booking is always going to help you with your customer service and satisfaction.

Offer Extra Services

From catering to music, there are many easy ways that you can offer extra services and benefits at a higher rate. To do this effectively, you will need to get in touch with other businesses in your local area. Forge strong relationships and advertise their services to your clients. You will get a percentage for referring them and have happier customers overall.

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