How to level up your style game this Eid!

by Carter Toni

The holy day of Eid-al-Fitr is arriving. On this auspicious day, the entire community, including friends and family, gathers to wish each other well and enjoy the festival. It’s critical to look our best when all of these meets and pleasantries occur. As a result, we thought, why not assist our female readers in their quest to look their best during Eid!? So, here are some simple but effective ideas for Eid clothing and accessories that will set you apart from the crowd. Here are some Eid clothing in Indian dresses; we’ve tried to figure out the best fashion advice to help you shine during the festivities while maintaining your ethnic appeal.

  • Make a floral statement — Bold and vivid floral motifs are usually a fantastic choice. Floral prints/kadhai looks best with light-coloured clothing. It’s best to wear your Indian dresses with minimal makeup and eccentric jewellery and your hair in loose waves. You can also get a wristband made out of roses or add real flowers to your hair, such as Gajray.
  • Go graceful with a saree — Put on something you haven’t worn in a long time. Alternatively, never! Wear a basic silk saree in delicate pastel colour, and you’ll get gasps wherever you go. Minimal jewellery, such as pearl or diamond studs, and soft glam makeup done with products of organic makeup brands in India would be more than enough to emphasise your look if the blouse is as elaborate as it gets. Remember that when it comes to silk sarees, less is always more.
  • Make a monotone statement — Choosing a hue to express oneself is usually a brilliant idea. While a monochrome outfit is simple to put together, it can be pretty fashionable with the appropriate accessories. Wear your ensemble with heavy desi jewellery and a plain dupatta in a darker shade of the same colour. Keep your hairstyle as uncomplicated as possible, and add a ring or two to finish the look.
  • Make an aristocratic statement — Get a long, flowy dress with monkish, mirror, or stonework that is simple but intricate. While stones can up the price a few notches, you can accomplish a similar effect using glass work on your clothes. This work is the first thing people will notice when they see a pastel colour. Make-up in a delicate glam look with faint smoky eyelashes. A sleek and tidy updo would work wonderfully! Keep the bling to a minimum and let your clothes do the talking.
  • Go pure — White is a timeless colour that never goes out of style. Not when designers find innovative ways to incorporate colour into modern designs while maintaining the colour’s purity. White is associated with ease, purity, and reality. It is impossible to make a mistake with it. Try it this Eid!
  • Go for a vibrant look –Eid is a festival of colours, and while there is always room for regality, there is also always room for more extraordinary colour. Put on a long gown and high heels and show them who’s in charge! Make a statement with your eyes and choose a neutral lip colour. You might opt for straight hair or a sleek back ponytail to finish the style.

Finally, Eid should be about sharing your happiness with others. If wearing clothes makes you joyful, you should show it. Fashion should be about more than just looking nice in front of others; it should also be about feeling beautiful in your own skin. Try these Indian dresses this festive season to relive your new look.

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