How to Make a Real Ice Pack for $0.30

by Carter Toni

All of us harmed and when you’re a child, you would like immediate comfort. Sometimes, just the idea of remedy is sufficient to sooth the discomfort.

My spouse has been doing a couple of things for ice packs. The ole’ ice inside a Ziploc bag and also the frozen sponge trick have labored wonders. However, Target was selling real ice packs eventually and she or he spent a great deal for this.

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I still don’t appreciate this purchase even though it’s far too late for me personally, I searched for other options that didn’t require me to pay the equivalent money. Ends up the answer is easy and now we almost been with them!

Have a Ziploc bag and add in 1 part water and something part rubbing alcohol.

Grab another Ziploc bag and set the very first bag (using the solution previously mentioned) in to the second bag.

Place it in to the freezer.

Done. It you would like it blue like exactly what the fancy stores have, add in some food coloring.

My Ziploc bag ice pack didn’t require me to pay just as much. I possibly could even make countless them for which my spouse spent at Target!.

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