How to Program an RCA Universal Remote Control

by Carter Toni

An RCA universal handheld remote control supplies a great solution when ever you shouldn’t cope with multiple controllers for the Television set, DVD player, media streaming box or any other devices. This kind of handheld remote control is made to handle many of these functions, also it can identify the controls on all of them once you’ve programmed the remote control. This product can also be in a position to identify the company signals for various devices, which means you won’t need to look for the person manuals in situation of problems.

Programming the Remote With Automatic Code Searching

The very first factor it’s important to do is turn on the devices you need to use using the remote control. Then press the DVD/VCR button around the remote and choose the kind of device which comes on recption menus in your screen. The code searching tool will instantly pair the remote control together with your VCR or DVD player. For those who have a satellite receiver to pair using the remote control, press and hold lower the “SAT” button until this menu seems in your Television screen. Then your remote should scan for the satellite’s signal. Stick to the same steps to pair a cable box or digital TV ripper tools.

While using Brand Code Search Feature

Your RCA universal handheld remote control comes packaged with a summary of compatible devices as well as their brand codes. There are also these codes on the RCA manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve located the code you’ll need, press and hold lower the “CBL,” “SAT,” or “DTC” button. Simultaneously, press and hold lower the On/Off button before you begin to see the number keypad on screen. Go into the device code after which press the “Stop” button to keep the company code therefore it stays combined with the remote. The On/Off button should become eco-friendly-lit when the system is paired effectively using the universal handheld remote control. Once you’ve joined all of the brand codes for your devices, test all of them using the universal handheld remote control. If a person has too little connectivity, repeat the steps for pairing it by by hand entering the company code.

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