How to Make Grey Hair Smooth and Shiny With Natural Ingredients? – 5 Tips No One Tells You

by James Martin

Growing up as a child we were led to believe that grey hair was a sign of wisdom, and people with grey hair were old and full of wisdom. However, when it comes to managing our grey hairs we don’t seem wise enough. Coming into my early forties I was confronted with my first silver stripes, and realising that by the age of 50, my head will be full of grey hairs, I sat and thought to myself, will I become a regular hair dye customer? or will I just keep looking old. I guess it’s not easy for anyone to age gracefully. When I consider the maintenance cost involved in covering up my grey hair, I think going fully grey is my best option, but will I lose all my glow? Is it possible to still rock with grey hair? Well, Celebrity hairstylist Michael Duenas has a different opinion. In his words; “Gray hair is not necessarily a look, but a mindset” In other words, you’ll rock your grey hair as long as you’re confident. The real question now is how do I make the most of my grey hair? This question was the driving force as I extensively searched for solutions on how to make my grey hair smooth and shiny. Hence, in today’s article, you’ll find the hidden tips on how to make your grey hair glow with simple natural ingredients.

Tips on how to make your grey hair smooth and shiny

Rocking your grey hair is great only if it’s smooth and shiny, so if you’re still looking for means to make your grey hair glow then follow these tips below, and you’ll see the difference.

1. Cleanse with Shampoo twice

Get a shampoo for dry hair types and make sure you shampoo your hair twice. When you clean your hair with shampoo concentrate on the roots and not the ends of your hair. The first shampoo cleanse is to completely clean your scalp while the second cleanse will remove any remnant build-up on the hair. Get a moisture-balancing shampoo and some good natural haircare products and observe the difference after a few days.

2. Use Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has good conditioning properties that can provide the required nourishment to your grey hair to make them soft and smooth. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which can help prevent dandruff.

3. Use an Aloe vera and yoghourt nurturing mask

To enhance the condition of your hair use aloe vera and yoghurt mask. Aloe Vera has great moisturising abilities and can greatly nourish and smoothie your scalp, giving you that shiny smooth hair that you long for. It is also a good treatment method for hair fall and dandruff. Yoghourt will provide your grey hair with nourishment and also aid in cleaning your scalp.

4. Use an egg mask with honey or yogurt

Another way to give your grey hair a natural shine is to apply an egg mask with honey or yogurt. Egg promotes healthy and soft hair, while yogurt and honey will provide moisture and nourishment. 

5. Apply Honey and Olive oil

Honey is great for hydrating your hair, it can lock in moisture to prevent your hair from dryness. It’ll make your grey hair smooth and shiny whereas the olive oil will provide moisture and strengthen your scalp. Simply mix 4 tbsp of honey and olive oil and apply to your grey hair.

It’s also very important to note that natural ingredients and remedies in this article are not proven to work, and if you’re looking for legitimate advise on how to make grey hair smooth and shiny, then you should contact professionals.




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