How to Make Money in School – A Guide

by Carter Toni

How to Make Money While in School: A Comprehensive Guide

In the hustle and bustle of school life, whether you’re in high school or college, the need for extra cash is a constant. Balancing academics with a part-time job can be challenging, given the rigid hours and demanding schedules of educational institutions. However, fear not, for there are alternative ways to earn money without compromising your education. From selling unwanted items to offering services to finding flexible jobs, this guide will explore a plethora of opportunities to help you save and spend while staying on the path to graduation.

Things You Should Know

Before we dive into the various money-making avenues, let’s start with some essential pointers:

Selling Your Stuff

1. Declutter Your Life: Begin by going through your belongings, such as clothes, books, toys, and miscellaneous items. If you haven’t used or worn something in a year, it’s likely time to sell it.

2. Online Sales: Embrace online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or eBay to sell old toys and knick-knacks. For clothing, consider niche apps like Poshmark, Tradesy, thredUP, or Depop for a more targeted audience.

3. Used Bookstores: Visit a used bookstore to sell your old books. While they may offer a fraction of the cover price, selling in bulk can yield a substantial cash reward.

4. Recycling: In some places, you can collect glass bottles and aluminum cans and return them to receive cash. Don’t forget to involve friends, family, and neighbors in this effort.

Performing Services to Make Money

1. Fiverr and Freelancing: Join platforms like Fiverr to offer various services for a fee. Whether you’re skilled in writing, drawing, video editing, or other talents, you can earn money online.

2. Babysitting: If you enjoy caring for children, offer babysitting services to neighbors or through flyers at local hubs. Set an hourly rate beforehand.

3. Pet Care: Animal lovers can offer pet care services such as dog walking or pet sitting. Apps like Wag! and Rover can also help you find pet-related gigs.

4. Yard Work and Gardening: Capitalize on the demand for yard work, especially mowing lawns and raking leaves. Use local bulletin boards or websites like Nextdoor to advertise your services.

5. Cleaning Services: Offer cleaning services for cars or houses in your neighborhood. Ensure you provide clear details of what you offer to build trust with clients.

Getting a Job

1. Part-Time Jobs: Consider part-time jobs with flexible schedules. Many options are suitable for high school and college students, with opportunities on weekends or between classes.

2. On-Campus Positions: Check if your school has open positions that don’t require a commute. Look for tutoring opportunities, note-taking positions, or student resource jobs.

3. Friends’ Recommendations: Inquire with friends who may know of job openings at their workplaces. Carpooling or working alongside a friend can be advantageous.

4. Bulletin Boards: Regularly check bulletin boards in and around your school for job postings. Employers often target students through these boards.

5. Online Job Searches: Explore job hunting websites like Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, or SimplyHired. Use keywords such as “student” to find job descriptions catering specifically to students.

Saving Your Money

To make the most of your earnings, consider these saving strategies:

1. Savings Account: Open a savings account to securely store and grow your money over time. Ensure it doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement or monthly fee.

2. Use Public Transit: Opt for public transportation or walking instead of driving or using rideshare apps to save on transportation costs.

3. Shop Smart: Look for clearance sections at stores and consider thrift shops for affordable clothing options.

4. Grocery Store Membership: Sign up for a grocery store savings card to access discounts on selected items, ultimately reducing your grocery expenses.

By following these tips and exploring the myriad of money-making opportunities, you can balance your finances while staying focused on your education.


Being in school doesn’t mean you can’t manage your finances effectively. With dedication and creativity, you can find ways to make money that fit your schedule and allow you to thrive academically. So, embark on this journey to financial independence while staying on track to graduate.


1. Can I make a decent income selling old items online?

Yes, you can make a significant income by selling unwanted items online, especially if you have valuable or collectible items.

2. What are some other freelancing platforms besides Fiverr?

Some popular freelancing platforms include Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru, each offering various opportunities for freelance work.

3. Is it possible to balance a part-time job with a full-time school schedule?

Balancing a part-time job with a full-time school schedule can be challenging but manageable with proper time management and prioritization.

4. How can I ensure my savings account is the most beneficial for me?

To find the best savings account, compare options from different banks, considering interest rates, fees, and accessibility.

5. What are some effective ways to save money on transportation?

To save on transportation, use public transit, carpool with friends, walk, bike, or consider rideshare alternatives during emergencies.

Remember, financial success in school is possible with determination and the right strategies. Start your journey to financial independence today!

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