5 Different Ways Earn – How To Make Money Using URL Shortener

by Carter Toni

People have a thirst of earning more money and at the same time, they do not want to work hard. If you too fall on that category, then why do not choose to earn from URL shortening. That is, you need to create a link, shorten the link and post it on the site to earn money. Shortening the url will be easy if you use the URL shortening tool. All you ought to do is to paste the url link on the tab and click shorten to get the shortened link within some seconds. Once you get the shortened link, then you need to copy the shortened link and paste it on the destination site. This is really an easy process to make money.

Different Ways to Earn More Money

  1. Shorten The Links In Your Site

If you want to earn money durably, then you need to shorten the links in your website using the URL shortening tool. If you do not own a website, then this will not be possible to you. You can shorten much number of links using the URL shortening tool. You can copy and paste the bulk shortening script to convert the urls. It is you that has to decide whether you want to shorten all the links on your site or only certain links.

  1. Social Medias

Facebook and Twitter are the most-used social media sites. You can create a link for a likely to visit topic, shorten the url and post it on your facebook and twitter accounts. You have more friends on facebook and twitter and hence you can get more clicks. You can create a group or page to post your link. The point to be kept in mind is that, you should not post more than urls a day. The more urls you post the more your page looks clumsy and no one will click the urls.

  1. Post the Link When you Comment

If you keep commenting on any post or blog, then you can place your shortened url next to your comment. Placing just the shortened url will not work. Along with the shortened url, you need to include the following code, “ Type your message here / anchor text ”. You should make sure to enter the code as mentioned above. If you commit any mistake in entering the code, your shortened url will not work.

  1. Use Whatsapp to Send your Shortened Url

It is not needed to say that, whatsapp is the best platform the spread the news very quickly. All you have to do is to send your shortened url to all your contacts and to all your groups. If your contacts and group members click on that link, you can earn money.

  1. Earn Money By Referring Your Friends

If you do not want to do the above mentioned things to earn money, then you can simply refer your friends and earn money. You can earn referral commission for what your friend earns.

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