How to Promote Your Gym Business!

by Glenn Maxwell

With most areas now restored to pre-pandemic life, people are returning to their fitness plans and reaching out to gyms for assistance in meeting their exercise and wellness goals. These circumstances present a golden opportunity for gym owners to capitalize on the renewed interest in building a strong and healthy body. But, many business owners struggle with promoting their gym and developing an effective marketing strategy. Keep reading for proven ways to promote your business and build a healthy bottom line.

Embrace Diversity

Not every potential gym client is training for a marathon or preparing for the next iron-man competition. Gyms embracing different fitness levels become natural gathering places within their communities. By hosting classes that challenge elite athletes and those just beginning their fitness journey, gyms create spaces where everyone feels welcomed, and your members feel great about promoting your gym.

Internet Resources

The internet is a powerful marketing tool for businesses today. It is at the heart of a successful marketing strategy to increase the number of clients working out in your gym. Many business owners possess the skills and training to build and maintain an effective company website. However, for those who don’t fall into this category, hiring a professional website developer to properly showcase your gym and build a solid online presence is strongly recommended.

Downloadable e-books, member spotlights, and an online blog featuring valuable gym content or contest are some features that encourage engagement and help build a solid community. A beautifully designed, functional website displays your gym to the world and encourages people to stop in for a closer look.

Social Media

Social media sites provide ways of interacting directly with potential customers and promoting giveaways or other exciting campaigns at the gym. Keeping your content fresh and engaging builds excitement for the business and gives you access to those who are not signing up for memberships. Interacting with those who are not members can provide valuable insight into holes in your marketing strategy. For current gym members, consider offering a premium for social media reviews.

Referral Marketing

Many businesses, including gyms, have successfully used referral marketing as an effective marketing campaign. Companies offer discounts, free subscriptions, or other premium benefits for subscribers or members who attract other members. Offering this feature to current members has several advantages for the gym owner. Current gym members are spreading the word about all the great things happening at your business with a minimal impact on the budget.

Keep Engagement Levels High

Gyms have a unique advantage over other businesses in the number of opportunities available to engage the community throughout the year. Consider events like community health fairs or fun runs to keep excitement levels up while providing a valuable service to the local community. Due to the vital link between gym usage and overall health, partnering with a local medical clinic or hospital to sponsor health-centered events could benefit everyone involved.

Make It Easy

One of the most significant barriers to signing up for some services is a complicated sign-up process. While gathering some information is necessary for the business, employing a sign-up that is straightforward and completed in less than five minutes increases the likelihood of closing the deal with a happy client who can’t wait to start their next workout.  

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