How to quote in an essay

by Carter Toni

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And our article will tell you some tips – how to insert quotes into an essay after all?

Writing an essay is a serious undertaking that requires a great deal of writing skill and the ability to write in succession. So, in order to impress the reader, you must approach the selection of quotations with respect. A critical phrase or quote immediately commits attention and forms the reader’s first impression about your life, so it is necessary to choose a suitable quotation of great length. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that the text must be sufficiently captivating and interesting, to capture the reader’s attention. Over time, you will realize that the search for quotations is not only help to improve the text, but also interesting in its own right. Quotes are usually placed at the beginning of the creation. They always make a strong impression on the reader and become an integral part of the work.

Keep in mind that quote and quoting are not the same thing

You can quote in a normal way, but in the case of a quote, you have to use the word “quote”. Therefore, only use the word “quote”.

Do not forget to mark the beginning and the end of each quotation with your essay

This sign indicates that the text in the middle is borrowed from another source.

Try to find a quote that matches the content of the essay

Moreover, the quotation used must be supportive of your ideas.

Find the author of the book

The author must be listed on the outside of the book or on the title page. It is quite normal for a book to have more than one contributor. In our case, the author’s name will be Georgia Smit.

Find the date of publication of the book

The publication date is shown on the back side of the title page. Use the closest date. This book was published in 1995.

Select the method of quotation in the text

There are two main methods of quotation. You can give the author’s name at the beginning of the sentence, using only the surname: “According to Smith (1995), the leaves become black in the evening. Note that the date of publication should be given in the arches, but the author’s surname is not.

Another way to cite the entire text is to put a quote at the end of the speech without directly indicating the author. This would look like this: “Leaves become black at dawn (Smithe, 1995). In this case, both the author and the date of publication are in the arcs and separated by a point. Always include the author first, and then the date.

Quote more than one author if the book is written by more than one person

If you have two authors, you may divide their names by the conjunction sign. If you have more than two authors, you may divide their names with a conjunction sign.

  • An example of a mid-text quotation for two authors would be: “Leaves turn black at dawn” (Smit Devis, 1995).
  • An example of a mid-text quotation for three or more authors would be: “Leaves are turning black at dawn (Smithe, Devis Baxter, 1995). If you have three or five authors, you can always mention their names the first time you cite a resource. You may use “and others” as follows: (Smith and others, 1995).

If you have six or more authors, you may always use “and others” even for the first citation.

Include page numbers if you use direct quotation

In some cases, you may need to mention the page number to explain where you got your information. You must specify the page number when quoting directly. For example, you found the quote on page 123: “In my experience, leaves become black at night”. You can quote this information in one of two ways. Regardless of which method you choose, always quote the page number at the end of the article, even if you cite the author’s name and the date of publication before that.

  • Method 1: To use this quote, quote the resource as follows: “Smithe (1995) states the following:” In my experience, leaves become black at night”(p. 123)”. The page number is indicated at the end, and you should put “s” with a dot before the page number.
  • Method 2: You can also write like this: “Another author believes the following: “From my experience, leaves become black at the beginning” (Smit, 1995, p. 123). As before, it is necessary to put the information in the arcs at the end of the speech and to separate the points.

Do not forget to put division marks in the required places

When quoting in the middle of the text and using a direct quote, the feet at the end of the quote must be placed before the reference to the author – after this you must put a line: For example: “Another author believes the following:” From my experience, leaves become black wolves” (Smit, 1995, p. 123).

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