How to Remove Bags Under Eyes!

by Moore Martin

The eyes are an integral part of the face and deserve to be taken care of in the best way. Bags under eyes(or swollen spots beneath the eyes) can give you a sour morning. 

This can make you feel like you are totally tired or stressed or even make you look older than your age. 

Bags under eyes, also known as Periorbital Puffiness, could result from the relaxation of the connective tissue, ligaments, and fat that might contribute to the external effect that appears under the eyes.

If you currently have bags under your eyes, the good news is that in this article you will learn how to remove eye bags. There are plenty of methods – you can have them removed by treating them with a cold compress, cutting salty diets, abstaining from inflammable contents, cosmetic treatments and so on. Also, you can consider undergoing surgery to remove it. 

In the following, you’ll find more details about how to go about removing bags under your eyes and other relevant information.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

You should know the possible reasons why there are bags under your eyes. Several factors contribute to the under-eye bags, which include

  • Allergies

Consumption of diets that are allergic to your body system can cause congestion, eventually resulting in puffy eyes. 

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the combustive substances that can cause burning or loosening of the muscles under the eyes, which then leads to periorbital puffiness.

  • Aging

Aging is natural. You can’t escape it. This is a natural cause of under-eye bags. But, it can also be treated with effective skincare products. 

However, many victims of this opt for eyelid surgery when skin care products are ineffective.

  • Salty Diet

Generally, feeding excessively on a salty diet can be detrimental to your body system. It can accelerate inflammation and result in making the eyes puffier beyond normal.

  • Lack of Adequate Sleep

Although this is still subject to debate. Some experts however opine that not having enough time to sleep or rest every day can make you develop puffy eyes.

  • Smoking

The collagen in your skin is fragile and can be easily broken. Due to its fragility, smoking can make the skin collagen break down. Generally, smoking is hazardous to your eyes and can lead to bags under eyes.

  • Genetics

Puffiness under the eyes can be genetic. Eye bags trait can be transferable from parents to their children. In this case, it is likely not to respond to major treatment.

Tips to Remove Bags Under Eyes

The first step to removing bags under eyes is to identify the cause of the puffy eyes. This will help you avoid applying random solutions, which might result in another sight issue. 

When your eye bags causes are traceable to maybe lack of sleep, allergies, or lifestyle, apply the remedies below:

  • Treat Your Allergy Symptoms

It’s natural to be allergic to some substances or conditions. When you are able to identify the reason for bags under your eyes as allergy symptoms, give it the necessary treatment.

Treating the symptoms will also help you get rid of the protruding eye bags.

  • Get Sufficient Sleep & Sleep Right

Not sleeping well can cause puffy eye bags and affect your eyesight during the day. Hence, getting enough sleep when needed will help you prevent under-eye bags. 

Sleeping with your head slightly raised will help you reduce the fluid flowing around your eyes.

  • Stop Consumption of Inflammable Substances

As earlier stated, consuming combustible substances like alcohol and smoking can relax the eyes’ muscles, making the eyes puffy and protruding. Avoid consuming these hazardous substances to absolutely cure bags under eyes.

  • Cut Salty Diet

Salty meals can cause puffy eyes. Cutting salt can be an effective solution to this. Cut salt in your diet to reduce fluid retention in your body system.

If the reason for the bags under your eyes is none of the above-stated causes, then you can try out any of these solutions

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Excess rubbing of the eyes can make the lower part of your eye swell. Reduce how often you rub your eyes to prevent having eye bags.

  • Apply Cold Compress Remedy

Laying a cold compress or tea bag on the affected spot under your eyes is another effective way to remove bags under eyes. Sit upright, place a cold spoon or tea bag on the swollen part, and allow it for some minutes. Do this repeatedly every morning.

  • Avoid Dehydration

Water takes a large part of body weight, and dehydration can add up to the causes of under-eye bags. Therefore, staying hydrated daily by drinking enough water can help remediate bags under eyes.

  • Add Retinol to Your Skincare

Some skincare products can help you remove under-eye bags. You can add retinol creams to your skincare list when they are not very effective. This cream effectively treats skin reactions like acne, aging, and others. 

It contains Vitamin A content and greatly helps in collagen deficiency improvement. It helps in treating under-eye puffiness. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women with under-eye bags.

  • Opt for Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is the surgery of the eyelid. The cause of your under-eye bags will be the key determinant if you should opt for Blepharoplasty. 

The general procedure will require the surgeon to remove excess fat with the incision method on the upper eyelid’s natural crease or within the lower lid. 

Note: Opting for eyelid surgery will solve baggy upper and lower eyelid swelling. However, you should only go for surgery if the above-stated measures are not effective for you. Understand the causes before considering surgery.


These are effective ways to remediate bags under eyes and enjoy smooth, glowing under-eye skin. 

Sometimes too, regular exposure to the sun could also make you have bags under eyes. Hence, try wearing sunscreen daily to prevent sun rays from affecting your eyes.

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Does having bags under eyes affect vision?

Fortunately, eye bags do not in any way affect vision. However, it can have two major effects on your skin, such as skin irritation and skin rashes.

Is under-eye bags gender or age specific?

Under-eye bags have no gender or age specification. It can happen to men or women of any age.

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