How to Spot an Eye-Clean Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

by Carter Toni

No two diamonds are precisely the same, and none are completely perfect. Some are considered eye-clean and desirable, and others don’t make this grade. But what does eye clean mean, and how can consumers find the best stones? Anyone interested in diamond clarity and quality can learn more at Rare Carat. For now, here’s a quick introduction.

What is an Eye Clean Diamond?

The term eye clean basically means a diamond that looks pure and clean to the naked eye. A lot of diamonds have inclusions, indentations, or other impurities because of the pressure and environment when they grew. In many cases, these are so minimal in size or number that they make no difference to the stone on first impressions. It would take high magnification to see any problems. Others will have a lot more issues and won’t be eye clean.

Using the GIA Clarity Scale to Find Eye Clean Diamonds

The best way to determine whether a stone is eye clean without visual inspection is the GIA clarity chart. Buyers can learn more at Rare Carat about the finer details of this scale. The chart is a standardized way to classify stones based on the level of inclusions and how noticeable they are. There are lots of stones at the higher end that class as eye clean. The very best is the flawless diamonds with no inclusions at all. Yet, even very slightly included VS2 diamonds can look eye clean and are a cheaper option. Further down the scale, there are the slightly included and included stones. At the lowest point, there will be noticeable blemishes without the need for a microscope.

The Best Cuts for Eye Clean Diamonds

The shape and cut of a diamond can play a big part in either hiding impurities in stones that aren’t eye clean or accentuating the purity of eye-clean diamonds. On one end of the scale, those that find a beautiful Flawless to VS2 stone could get a more elegant cut with minimal facets. These stones look great in Asscher and emerald cuts. On the other end, those that go for budget options with noticeable inclusions may prefer a cut with multiple facets to hide the flawless. Round brilliant and princess cut diamonds have over 50 facets for great geometry and a stunning sparkle.

Fluorescence in Eye Clean Diamonds

Eye-clean diamonds have a wonderful purity to them and can shine bright with the best cuts. But there is another factor to consider when choosing the best-looking stones for an engagement. Couples that want a stone that really glows during that perfect proposal may want something with a little bit of fluorescence. This is when the composition of the stone allows for a blue glow under UV light. This isn’t going to be noticeable on an eye-clean stone in normal conditions but does add another dimension in bright sunlight. This is an interesting bonus feature and buyers can learn more at Rare Carat on what to look for.

Buying Eye Clean Diamonds Online

A concern consumers may have with eye-clean diamonds is the need to see a diamond with the naked eye to determine its look and quality. Many buyers and investors will want to see a stone up close for themselves to be sure there are no obvious inclusions or faults. However, this isn’t an option when buying online. That is when consumers need to be able to trust expert guidance and GIA reports from gemologists. At long as there is all the necessary information available to make an informed decision about a purchase, buyers can’t go wrong.

Buying Eye Clean Diamonds with Rare Carat

This is why it is so important to work with Rare Carat when buying diamonds online. This comprehensive marketplace matches consumers to the best stones based on budgets and personal preferences. The sliding scales let users find the right cut, carat, and color while making sure the stone are within the parameters for eye-clean diamonds on the clarity scale.

Each match comes with a detailed report explaining the clarity rating, level of fluorescence, and any other details and flaws. This honest approach ensures that buyers get precisely what they are looking for, and one of many reasons for the 4.9/5 rating on Google and Trustpilot.

Eye-clean diamonds don’t have to be difficult to find or overpriced when working with Rare Carat. It is possible to find the perfect deal and the perfect stone while embracing microscopic imperfections.

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