How to Start an SEO Reseller Business

by Carter Toni

Search engine optimization (SEO) may not be as glamorous an endeavor as web design, but it’s just as important. Without SEO services, even eye-catching and well-designed websites won’t attract new business. Improving customer conversion rates requires driving more traffic to the site, which, in turn, requires the help of an SEO expert.

Is It Worth Starting an SEO Business?

The first step to starting a successful SEO reseller business is for prospective business owners to decide if it’s the right move for their company. Some of the most successful SEO resellers are existing digital marketing firms that want to add SEO as a service to their existing business plans. However, there’s also plenty of room in the industry for newcomers who want to start their own SEO agencies, consultancies, or firms.

Anyone who has both a basic knowledge of search engines and how to optimize web pages to improve their performance with their computer-generated algorithms has a good chance of creating a profitable SEO business. Even in the early days, it requires little overhead or startup capital, and if the business delivers consistent results, it will almost certainly turn a solid profit.

How to Get Started

For the sake of simplicity, this article will move forward under the assumption that future business owners already have at least a basic knowledge of SEO best practices. If that’s not the case, start by learning them. Otherwise, the best place to start is to determine what business model to follow.

SEO businesses are usually incorporated as LLCs, s corps, or partnerships, but aspiring entrepreneurs should speak with a lawyer and an accountant before deciding which one will offer the greatest level of protection. Think of the consulting fees as an investment. These two professionals will be able to offer advice not just on what type of business to start but also what type of insurance policies will be required, how to file taxes, where to open business bank accounts, and more.

Creating a Website

Every business should have a well-designed website and a strong online presence, but that goes double for SEO services. To attract new clients, SEO services need to convince them that their teams of experts will be able to get results. That would be difficult to do without having a carefully optimized website.

Needless to say, most web designers create their own websites. However, SEO resellers who plan to focus exclusively on optimizing clients’ sites may want to hire designers. It’s very important to have a professional site that creates a good impression.

Attracting Clients

As SEO experts know, a new website won’t start attracting traffic immediately even if it’s perfectly designed and well-optimized. It takes time to get results with SEO, even locally. In the meantime, new business owners should start reaching out to clients themselves by using the following strategies.

  • Creating profiles on freelancing websites.

Cold calling.

Email campaigns.

Inbound marketing campaigns.

Running PPC ads.

Guest posting.

Seeking referrals from happy clients.

As a new SEO business gets off the ground, expect to scale up.

Get Started ASAP

Every successful SEO reselling business started out as an idea in its owner’s mind. It doesn’t take much overhead or formal education to start an SEO business, which makes this option an appealing one for entrepreneurs who are just getting started offering online services. Get started now by following the steps above.

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