How to Surprise Your Friends with the Perfect Birthday Gift!

by Glenn Maxwell

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate the people in your life that make life so worth living. Friendship is a unique kind of love because it comes alongside the various paths of life that you take and always helps support you. Different from family, or romance, friendship is a special kind of privilege that no one should take for granted. When it comes to having close friends, birthdays are a great chance to show them how much they really mean! 

One way to really surprise your friends is to give them not only a gift that they want but a unique gift experience they will love! If you want to send a gift to a friend in a truly unique way, you need to check out Goody. Goody is a unique gifting service that minimizes the hassle of gift-giving without detracting from the sentiment. 

Gifts Are an Experience

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, thankfully, with Goody, the thought is still very present. Goody isn’t an online retailer that takes the intention and thoughtfulness out of gift-giving, but instead a streamlined process that enhances it. One of the most important aspects of giving or receiving a gift is the experience.

This is important for the two general types of people in the world, the one who loves to give more than receive, and the other that would much rather receive. Neither kind of person is better or worse, it all comes down to personal preference. Everyone enjoys receiving a gift from a loved one or a friend because it is a special kind of tangible love that feels great! But some people prefer the process of shopping, intentionally choosing something and then seeing if they were actually right in their choice!

For those people, the joy of the gift-giving process is what is important. For the person who would rather receive, it’s not that they are selfish, but maybe gift shopping gives them some sort of anxiety, or they constantly are unaware of what would make a good gift. The great thing about Goody is that it’s an online platform that maintains the experience of giving a gift, and the experience of receiving one.

How Does Goody Work?

It does this by curating an incredible online catalog of gifts that are all currently trending. This includes a wide variety of consumable goods like artisan cookies, cool tech such as Therabody message guns, and everything in between. Whether it’s a blanket, sweatshirt, or a travel bag, all the options on Goody are popular, trending, and come from loved brands. 

Once you have found the perfect gift, you then move to create the gift-giving experience. Goody has a wide array of high-quality digital e-cards that you can customize. Being able to create a custom e-card with a special message to your friends helps to make the gift more of an experience, even though it’s virtual. 

The last part is the most simple aspect of Goody, all it takes to send a thoughtful gift to a friend is their phone number or email address. When they receive the text or the email, they get to read your thoughtful e-card and then see the awesome gift you picked out for them. At this point, they will put in their own preferred shipping address, and Goody does the rest. 

What About Returns?

Let’s face it, even with your best friends, sometimes you can get it wrong, and that’s okay! If you pick out something that a friend doesn’t like, Goody allows them to trade in the item for anything of equal value – without showing a price. Your friends will see a list of items that match the price point that they can choose to swap at no extra charge. This is an option that is available before the item has shipped when your friend gets the text or email alert.


The best part of using Goody is that it creates a real surprise that will make an impact. This unique way of sending a gift is meaningful and is sure to put a smile on your friend’s face. Often times it can be hard to find ways to celebrate your friends and show them how much they matter. With family or loved ones, there are certain occasions like anniversaries or holidays that make it easy, but with friends, it can take a little extra effort. 

When good friends move to far-off cities and no longer live in close proximity to you, this can also become challenging. This is where Goody can make staying in touch in a way that shows them that you still care both easy, and affordable. Celebrating friendship is something that everyone has to be intentional about doing and Goody makes it easy.

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