How To Use YouTube For Promoting Your Art Business?

by Glenn Maxwell

Promoting Your Art Business

With the advancement in technology, the art industry is evolving. Being an artist, apart from perfecting the style of art creation, you need to establish an art business. However, with intense competition in the art industry, starting and successfully running an art business might be challenging if not done correctly.

Art marketing plays a vital role in making your business successful. It’s no surprise that YouTube is a popular video streaming platform. In fact, the platform has over a billion users, that’s equivalent to almost 1/3 of the online traffic. Can you imagine how much visibility your art business can gain by uploading videos on the YouTube platform?

While art blogs and the best online art exhibitions are great for boosting the visibility of your work, marketing your art business on YouTube can be a cherry on the top. So how do you leverage this video platform to increase the popularity of your art business?

Let’s find out!

How To Use YouTube For Promoting Art Business?

Leverage YouTube To Give A Glimpse Of Your Personality

If you like to engage with people, feel confident in front of a camera, and want to enjoy fun activities, this one is for you. Make short and sweet videos to present yourself as an artist. This gives a personal touch to your marketing campaigns.

You’re promoting yourself and your art brand rather than marketing your artworks. The amazing side effect is that thousands of people will like you, appreciate your efforts, and even want to buy your art.

During these videos, you can also promote your upcoming art exhibition painting, or any other art shows you’re participating in.

YouTube can be a great tool for making friends and friends easily. However, if you are an introvert, the process might initially seem a little challenging. You can start practicing with a mirror initially unless you become comfortable.

Start with short videos or videos with supplementary graphical content to cut out the personal screen time unless you are completely comfortable presenting yourself in front of the camera. For example, you can give your audience a tour of your sculpture gallery and present a small clip about your day at the studio.

Remember, YouTube won’t bring you overnight fame. You must publish quality content consistently while maintaining the SEO strategy to ensure your YouTube family keeps growing.

Post Tutorial Videos To Teach Art Techniques

Teaching and guiding aspiring artists to sculpt, draw, paint or take appropriate photographs can be an extremely effective method to build your brand reputation online.

Do you organize occasional workshops for other artists? Are you already associated with an academy as an art educator?

Streaming videos on YouTube might be one of the best ways to impart and share your knowledge. You can also guide the upcoming artist on how to present your artwork at the best online art exhibitions.

Not an art teacher or educator?

No worries! You can still inspire the upcoming generation of artists by recording yourself sculpting or painting and then present a short commentary throughout the video on what techniques you are using and why.

Generally, painting or sculpting takes significant time. Therefore it is recommended that you fast forward the entire process in the video and exclude unnecessary clips to keep your audience engaged and interested. Tutorial videos will not just help you boost your art business. It will also become a great medium for subtly marketing the artworks you’ll be presenting at a sculpture gallery.

Present Your Unique Art Process

Every artist has a unique style or technique that sets them apart from the crowd. Are you also a performance-based artist combining traditional and contemporary art forms to create something special?

Why not share this unique process with the world? People are always interested to see something remarkable. This will not just ensure brand popularity but make your videos go viral. You can also promote your art exhibition painting during or at the end of the process by giving information about where the audience or interested buyers can find that unique art piece.

When you record any video, you don’t need to necessarily design it to go viral. Focus on creating something incredibly unique, and the audience will automatically love and share your video, thus making it viral.

Review Art Or Art Supplies

Influencer marketing has become extremely popular in the current era. Marketing agencies and individual artists hire influences or experts to promote their artworks and other art-related products.

If you have exceptional presentation skills and are a great orator and opinionated, being an art critic or reviewing art products might be a great way not just to promote yourself as an artist but earn incentives. You can give reviews on the best online art exhibitions, individual galleries and art workshops, art supplies, exhibition studios, etc.

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How To Prepare A Winning YouTube Art Video?

Film A Fun Video By Keeping Things Interesting

Share your story as an artist in a unique and interactive way. Here are a few examples:

  • Present an art tutorial with a timelapse video of your art being created.
  • Review art tools and supplies while creating art for the sculpture gallery exhibition.
  • Present the best art business advice with examples.
  • Ensure to have an aesthetic background with other completed art pieces to get the attention of potential buyers.

Pay Special Attention To The Video Length

Keep your audience entertained and retain and pay attention to potential purchases by maintaining the correct length of the video. It is recommended to keep your video between 1 minute and 5 minutes long. Edit your videos to remove any unnecessary fluff.

Identify Your Target Audience

As much as you would love for every subscriber on YouTube to enjoy your art style, there isn’t any practical point in trying to sell sculptures to an art collector interested in landscape oil paintings.

Invest your time and resources to get quality outcomes by marketing your art to the right online crowd.

Understand and prepare a list of keywords to target a specific audience. Include those keywords in the video title, description, within your video, and as keywords, tags to increase the visibility among a particular audience pool.

Final Thoughts

Use this guide and leverage these YouTube marketing tips to promote your art online. Develop a content strategy for your videos and promote them on your social media sites and art exhibition painting galleries online. Videos are riding a high of popularity. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and grow your fan following.

Let us know about your YouTube art blog tips and tricks in the comment section.

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