How To Take Care Of Your Rugs At Home!

by Sean Dixon

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Rugs are an excellent addition to have in your home. You can use them for various purposes, like defining different areas or sections in your home, adding warmth and coziness to cold floors, and being a decorative element to spruce up your home’s interior design.

However, despite rugs’ ability to contribute to your home’s aesthetics, they add one more chore for you to do. Rugs need to be taken care of, or they will do more harm to your home than good. Besides, dirty rugs are as ugly to look at as they are bad for your health. Likewise, investment pieces like pricier rugs entail more detailed and thorough care.

With that said, taking care of your rugs at home doesn’t have to feel like a difficult pursuit now that you’ll be armed with the know-how. Expensive or not, you can maintain the quality of your rugs, so what you have can last you through more years of functional use at home. 

Have The Professionals Clean It 

Let’s get straight to the best tip. If you have expensive rugs, you can’t afford to go the do-it-yourself route, especially when you’re unsure what you’re doing. The last thing you’d want is to damage your precious rugs, all because of an inappropriate cleaning process. 

Moreover, you can’t go wrong with hiring a rug wash specialist to do the job for you. Yes, you’ll have to pay for their services, but it will be worth it because your expensive rugs will get the cleaning care they need. You don’t have to worry about the colors fading or the quality getting ruined with improper cleaning. 

Rug cleaning professionals aren’t only equipped with the skills but also the right tools. This fact alone should prove to you how they can do a much better job cleaning than someone like yourself who doesn’t have all the needed high-powered equipment and tools. 

Vacuum In Between Each Professional Cleaning Schedule 

While it’s nice and ideal to have your rugs professionally cleaned now and then, this is something you can’t do frequently, like weekly, for instance. Thus, most homeowners may opt to have their rugs undergo professional cleaning at least once every two months or quarterly.  

So, you must do your part between those cleaning schedules by vacuuming your rugs regularly. This is a simple move with a big impact, as it prevents dust and grime from settling in. 

Additionally, vacuuming keeps your rugs clean and sanitized, so you won’t be embarrassed about dirty rugs when you have sudden guests. This is because dirty rugs aren’t only a visual nuisance; they can also cause allergies to individuals in your home.

Remove Outside Shoes

The practice of bringing outside shoes inside your home must stop if you want to keep your rugs clean. House slippers are there for a reason: they’re to be worn in your home, not your dirty shoes. Imagine all the dirty surfaces your shoes have been stepping on, and the germs and bacteria that came along with them when you brought them inside. This idea is not just gross to think about but also unsanitary.

Furthermore, dirty shoes leave a lot of dirty marks on your floor. Those marks can stain your rugs, making them even dirtier than they should be. You can minimize the buildup of stains and dirt when your house slippers or feet are clean. By reducing the dirt you spread and bring around, you won’t have to clean your rugs as often, thereby keeping them in a better condition sans wear and tear.

Rotate Your Rugs

If you have multiple rugs in your home, it’s expected to see some areas in better condition than others. This is because rugs in high-traffic areas are more prone to accumulating dirt than those in other parts of your home. Hence, you may want to rotate your rugs based on foot traffic to keep them balanced.

Rotating also means that not just one rug receives the most dirt in the house, avoiding overuse and damage and keeping your rugs in pristine condition for longer. 

Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

One of the biggest and most common mistakes many homeowners make is using harsh chemical cleaners like bleach and chlorine to clean their rugs. These may clean your rugs, but may eventually damage them. Chemical cleaners can be harsh on certain fabrics, some of which your rugs may be made of.

If there are stains you want to clean by yourself, it’s better to use gentle cleaners instead. They still do the job of cleaning up without damaging the rug’s fabric.


Take a look at the rugs in your home right now. Are they still in good condition? Or have they gotten dirty, flat, and matted? Your first instinct may be to throw them away, but hold up a bit, as they may only need thorough cleaning. Therefore, consider trying out the tips above, and you may be surprised with the big difference in how your rugs look and feel because now you finally know how to keep them in good condition.

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