How to use paper clips for lock picking

by Carter Toni

We often encounter a scene in life, forget to take the key to find their own door cannot enter, the key lost the drawer to install things, to get things in a hurry to turn around, today teach you a method, you can use the paper clip to open the lock method. For the friends who have not tried it, they will ask whether the paper clip can really open the lock. The answer is obvious, really yes, but only for simple locks, not too complex ones. If it’s too complicated, try using Lock Picking Tools. This article will teach you how to pick a lock with a paper clip, but don’t try this trick on someone else’s door lock. Just a quick reminder, it’s illegal to open someone else’s lock.

Use a paper clip to open a lock:

  1. Use a paper clip: Take a paper clip or safety pin and straighten it. Then make a slightly upward curve at the end of it.
  2. insert the wrench: insert the wrench into the lower part of the lock hole — that is, the side facing the key tooth to enter.
  3. determine the direction: in order to determine how to open the lock needs to use a wrench clockwise, counterclockwise rotation. You can feel which way to turn.
  4. Turn the keyhole: Hold the most suitable part of the wrench and apply force slightly to turn the lock in the correct direction.
  5. Insert the paper clip: Insert the end of the paper clip into the upper part of the lock core while exerting force on the lock core.
  6. Feel with a pin: Run the paper clip around the lock until you feel the marbles inside. If you’re opening a regular door lock, the marbles are probably at least five in a row. Note that many experts recommend “smoothing” the lock before unlocking. Straighten the second paper clip, bend it a few times, and push the paper clip into the lock with no pressure on the wrench. Then pull it out quickly, pushing it against the top part of the lock as you turn the wrench. You may only break one or two marbles this way.
  7. Push up: Now for the real “lock pick”. Pick up the stitches in the lock one by one with a paper clip. Try to feel the moment when the pin reaches its “unlock” position. You should feel a slight loosening and even hear a faint click. Note that first open the pin farthest from you, and then move to the next one.
  8. Increase the force: Increase the force slightly on the wrench until you have lifted all the stitches.
  9. Turn the wrench: Now turn the wrench with all your might. Look! The lock will open.

Paper Clip can only be used as a small padlock. Not to crush the marbles. All the way to the bottom, and then you need turning the paper clip. The lock hook is a copper pin, which is horizontal at the bottom, with a cut in the middle, and a protruding part of the lock core inserted into the cut. Because it is eccentric, the pin will be hooked back when it is rotated, and the lock hook will spring up when it is removed. As long as you hook a turn will also retract. Soft Paper Clip is not very easy to use. It is better to use a slightly thicker steel wire, and knock the end flat. The hook should not be too long, so it needs to be adjusted. Explore more and you will. Or, you can directly buy cheapest Locksmith Tools to unlock the door at, safe and fast delivery is provided!

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