Importance Of Photographs In Our Lives And A Beginner’s Guide To Taking Satisfactory Photos.

by Carter Toni

Let us be honest. How much time has it been since you last opened your Instagram or Snapchat account? How much time has it been since you last checked the internet? I can bet that the maximum time must be less than two hours. That is the importance of social media in our lives. It has intertwined with our lives so much and we are not even aware of it! We are subconsciously checking our phones and spending so much of our time on social media. It is not just you, it is the whole world.

Answer this, when you open Instagram, what is the first thing you see? A photograph. On top of the feed is a photo of a product or a person you follow. When you are scrolling through your feed, all you see are photographs. When you swipe through stories, all you see are photographs.

That is how photographs are everywhere you look. Photographs tell our story, portray our image, leave an impression on the viewer, capture our emotions, and update your chosen audience about what we are doing. To leave a good impression, the photograph must be nicely captured. Good photography has a major role in how you are portrayed online. It also has an impact on memories. Imagine you have a vacation but fail to capture any good photos. It would be a bummer, right?

We all want to take good pictures of the gram. For that, it is important to know what type of photos you want. For example, the settings that suit you in portrait mode might not suit you while you take a selfie. You may never take a selfie with a camera (do people do that?) and you may not want your wedding pictures to be taken from a phone only. For product photography, you will most likely go to a studio such as the Tropical studio. Therefore, photography differs according to the occasion as well. Nevertheless, here are some factors that play a role in making your pictures look good. Doesn’t matter if it’s a selfie or a portrait, master these factors and enjoy great results!

1. Lighting matters.

A selfie or a front camera photo, both require good lighting. People often confuse good lighting with more lighting. Remember that too much lighting may ruin the picture as well.

2. Change angles.

It is always fun to experiment with the angles. Try higher angles if you wish to try something new.

3. Natural poses will give happier and easier photos. 

Subjects always think they are not photogenic. Most of the time, people get self-conscious or awkward in front of cameras and end up getting non-satisfactory photos.

Try to be as candid and as yourself as you can be.

4. Focus on the subject.

It is important to focus on the subject. For a more professional-looking photo, try placing the subject in the middle of the photo and focusing entirely on the subject.

5. Background plays a small role, but it still matters. 

Photographers often say that background does not matter. That is not entirely true, background matters if you are not a professional photographer. Try to choose the background according to your mood or your clothes. This will make the photo very attractive to look at.

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