In famous logos, the colors of U.S. flag are shown!

by Glenn Maxwell

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logo of the Philippine Department of Education

It is clear that color has an impact on our emotions, behavior, and design of logos. Since years, color psychology experts have studied the effects of color on our emotions and behaviors. Their research has shown that our responses to certain colours can be affected by gender, cultural preference, upbringing, or culture.

One of the most popular colors in visual identity branding is the combination of red, green, and white. The U.S. flag palette can be found on emblems from companies in completely different parts of the economy.

Let’s not forget to explain the meaning of these colors as logos. Red is a symbol of endurance and valor. Dark blue represents diligence, justice and vigilance. While white represents innocence and purity.

The U.S. flag stands out because the color of its flag is more dark than that used by other countries. The reason for choosing the Navy Blue hue is simple. In the 18th Century, flags faded rapidly due to lack of permanent dyes. The Navy color lasted much longer. For the same reason, the red is slightly darker in this case.

Numerous companies and government organisations around the world use the red, white, and blue palette. For example, take a look at the logo of the Philippine Department of Education. These colors also have other meanings.


Red, one of the primary colours, is often associated with passionate or strong emotions like love, passion, confidence, excitement and passion. Red also has a darker side, and can be associated as an indicator of danger or aggression. Red is one the most intense colors. Its strong energy has a strong impact on our psycho-emotional state (scientists know that the red color can even cause hunger). The primary effect of red is to incite people to do something. Only question is whether this action will be aggressively or positively. Most cases, the type and hue of the reaction will dictate the outcome.


Blue, which is similar to the sky and the sea, promotes tranquility. It is associated also with intelligence, reliability and stability. Different concepts and feelings are associated with blue: sky, water or ocean depth. Despite their differing perceptions, almost everyone agrees on one thing: a love of the color blue. This is why blue is one the most popular colors for logo design. A favorite color among technology and innovation companies is blue.


White can be associated with simplicity and purity, innocence, cleanliness, and design. But, it can also refer to cold, sterile, soft, or both. White has a deeper meaning than any other color. It represents spirituality, intangible worlds, higher powers, and spirituality. White stands for freedom and the birth of the new. It seeks justice while being completely impartial and neutral. White can be everything and nothing because it contains all the colors in equal amounts.

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