Industrial must-haves to prevent air pollution

by Carter Toni

As urbanisation is changing the face of the world, it is also changing the face of mother earth. The demand for various products has forced various industries to increase their supply. This has resulted in the exploitation of natural resources and also excess waste production. There are various companies today striving to curate technologies and products to prevent and manage the amount of waste generated by large-scale industries. Industries must be accountable for the amount of waste they generate. A list of products can be installed by industries to overcome this problem.

What is industrial air pollution?

Contamination of air and its various layers is called air pollution. Air pollution caused by industries is called industrial air pollution. Industrial pollution impacts nearly 100 million people every single day. 14 billion pounds of industrial waste is directly dumped into our oceans every year. If you live in an area with higher levels of industrial pollution, the chances of getting lung cancer increase by 20%. Unfortunately, more than 3 million kids below the age of 5 die every year because of industrial pollution.

These alarming facts have caused the need to find immediate, sustainable, and effective solutions to curb industrial pollution. Industries can take massive steps that can make life-saving changes on this planet. What is more alarming is that these numbers are going to increase dramatically in the future as industries are spreading their reach over major areas and metropolitan cities.

What are air systems?

As individuals, we are always told to do our bit to save the environment and to prevent air pollution. But when large-scale industries make practical changes in their daily functioning, the change foreseen is on a much larger scale. In recent times, there have been a lot of production systems that have been available in the market. But unfortunately, only a handful of them have made the final cut! These top air systems provide scientifically tested products that are successful in reducing the overall air pollution contribution of that industry. Given below are a few of the best systems that have changed the way industries manage their waste and air pollution

Two categories of products that are provided by these systems are:

  • Ductless Fume Hood
  • Fume Cupboard

1: Ductless Fume Hood

A ductless fume hood contains ventilation equipment or working space that filters out chemical airborne materials and recycles them back to the working environment as breathable air. It uses activated carbon filters to clean the fumes. Ductless fume hoods usually have a frontal airflow to get the air out at a controlled rate to prevent harmful gases from going out of the workstation.

There are several products in the industry that help other industries achieve minimal waste generation. A few of them are mentioned below.


This polypropylene ductless fume hood-basic provides a safe environment to work for all the lab staff working on chemicals and acids. This product has numerous functions including an air velocity display alarm.

Other features of this product include:

The AAF USA, which is a leading global company manufactures electrical and mechanical components. This product can be customized according to the client’s needs.

The following accessories are available with this product:

  • Water tap
  • Power outlet installed
  • UV light
  • Metal stand
  • Polypropylene base cabinet
  • Polypropylene sink 30 * 40
  • Polypropylene cup sink
  • Gas stand

Product credibility has always been a concern. But the above product has the following certifications.

  • EN-14175 for CF-120-PP
  • EN-14175 for CF-090-PP
  • CE Ductless Fume Hood
  • ASHRAE-110 for CF-120-PP
  • ASHRAE-110 for CF-090-PP


This polypropylene ductless fume hood-pro is a more advanced version of the above product. It has been curated with more features providing a safe environment to work with chemicals and hard acids.

A few features of this product include:

The fan speed can be altered (high or low) as and when needed to maximize energy savings. This product has a VAV system to measure the product’s high velocity and to adjust it to the relevant standard. The system has a high safety level to ensure the safety and durability of the product. The product also includes a chemical sensor alarm that samples the chemical level post-filtration and also gives alerts after low filtration efficiency.

The following accessories are available with this product:

  • A tap for water outlet
  • UV light
  • An installed outlet for power
  • A handcrafted metal stand
  • Base cabinet made of polypropylene
  • A 30*40 polypropylene sink
  • A cup sink of polypropylene
  • A tap for gas outlet

The above product has the following certifications.

  • EN-14175 for CF-120-PP
  • EN-14175 for CF-090-PP
  • CE Ductless Fume Hood
  • ASHRAE-110 for CF-120-PP
  • ASHRAE-110 for CF-090-PP

2: Fume Cupboard

These fume cupboards protect the staff and the working environment from toxic chemical fumes. These chemical fumes are then safely removed to provide a safe working environment.


The fume hood channels the vapors out of the room using an external fan or an external wall. The material of the hood structure is epoxy-covered metal. The internal structure is made of HPL 6mm.

A few accessories that are available with this product are:

  • Water tap
  • Airflow monitor with audible alarm VAV+VFD installed, including 4.3’’ touchscreen controller that is LCD
  • Airflow monitor with audible alarm VAV+VFD installed, this includes a 7 inch touchscreen controller with LCD installed
  • An installed outlet for power
  • A 30 x 40 installed sink
  • A cup sink of polypropylene
  • Kit for Fume Hood includes: 1 gas tap, water tap, sink and 4 power outlets
  • A tap for gas outlet
  • 75 kW 2800 RPM/IE3 centrifugal fan
  • 1 KW 2800 RPM/IE3 DIA 300 mm centrifugal fan

A few of its certifications include:

  • ASHRAE report-FH-120-PP
  • ASHRAE report-FH-150-PP
  • ASHRAE report-FH-180-PP
  • EN-14175-120
  • EN-14175-150
  • EN-14175-180


This active polypropylene fume cupboard has an all-around clear glass that provides a 360-degree view for better educational purposes. The fume hood has a sensor that detects the staff standing next to them and opens and closes the window accordingly. Also, the unit’s fan speed changes according to the open/closed mode of the window. This helps in saving energy substantially. In case of a failure, the cabinet interior is lighted up in red so that the staff can detect failure from a long distance as well.


Industries are going to continue to bloom. But that shouldn’t result in excess air or any other kind of pollution. These products and companies are thriving to create technologies that will not only tackle this problem but will also provide long-term benefits. Other than doing our bit, industries must also educate their consumers about the steps taken by them to motivate and encourage more people into this venture.

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