3 things you should include in your wedding checklist

by Carter Toni

If you are planning a wedding already, congratulations! If not, it is never too early to know about your wedding checklist. You need to make sure that the celebration is worth it, with lots of love, so your family and friends can enjoy it.

You might have already come across a checklist of the cliche elements for your wedding. This guide gives you the critical aspects that will make it a success.

Let’s take a look.

Booking a venue

When you already created a guest list, set the budget and sent out invitation cards, the first thing you should do is to book a venue. Suitable places can be;

  • Licensed civil wedding venue
  • Registry office
  • Church
  • Hotel grounds

Depending on your budget, you can have different venues to fit various events, like after-dinner entertainment, main party, breakfast and the main reception. Factors to consider when choosing a venue are;

  • Photograph settings – you can always create a custom area for photos, it can be in one venue or at all of them.
  • Indoor and outdoor options – depending on your preference, you can choose between a closed or open space. Septic tank maintenance is really important if you want your guests to feel comfortable.
  • Catering – the catering team needs space to set up and maneuver to serve guests.
  • Costs – it defines how many options you are able to implement.
  • Seating capacity – it determines whether you need a wide or small space.

Venue security

When you have the venue set, you need to make sure it is secure. You need professional security services for this. They can provide you with security guard patrols to secure your venue. It is important for various reasons including;

  • Guarding the parking lot– Your guests will most likely arrive in vehicles and other automotives. You require security services to ensure that their assets are protected, as they enjoy themselves. Automotives are easy targets for burglars who want to retrieve the guests’ valuables or steal them all together.
  • Protecting gifts– You won’t miss a guest who comes with a gift. It can be as small as a simple envelope, but it may contain valuables such as money or jewelry. Gifts are highly tempting to thieves, and you should look to ensure that the guests’ efforts do not go to waste. Once guests leave their gifts at one point, no one else should access them until the ceremony is over.
  • Access control– You do not want intruders in your wedding ceremony. Security guards will ensure that the right people enter the venue, and restricted areas remain so. Having uninvited guests who do not warrant a place in the venue will only lead to inconvenience in budget and also comfort.
  • Controlling the crowd– A wedding ceremony is filled with jubilations and excitement. You need the people to enjoy themselves and still be calm. If by chance, you have alcohol at your party, the celebrations can be extreme and you’ll need security guard patrols to keep the situation at bay.

Wedding Insurance

It is one aspect that most couples ignore. It’s hard to blame them because of the emotions that run high at that moment. However, they should remember that they are investing a lot of money to host guests, buy food, book a venue, purchase outfits and rings. Getting wedding insurance should be a no-brainer, as some unpredictable events can occur leading to significant damages.

Wedding insurance typically covers damaged or stolen property, cancellations by suppliers or guests and venue fees. For example, a venue owner can unbook you at a critical stage when you have everything set. It will be a major setback, and with an insurance cover, you can claim to be reimbursed for any emergency arrangements you will make.

Wrapping up

A wedding is a significant moment in your life and you do not want anything to go wrong. This guide gives you a checklist to ensure that everything goes to plan. After booking a suitable venue, you need to secure it with security guards and also invest in a suitable insurance policy. As much as a wedding is a celebration, it is still an investment, and you do not want it to go to waste.

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