Inked No More: Is it Possible to Get Your Tattoo Removed?

by Carter Toni

People choose to get tattoos for several reasons. It may be for cosmetic purposes such as getting eyebrow tattoos. Tattoos are a great way to memorialize people, places, and events. They are also a way to stand out and be noticed. There are also several reasons to get rid of a tattoo. 

You probably didn’t ask yourself whether a tattoo can be removed entirely before getting it. You should get safe and effective tattoo removal if you need to remove a tattoo.

tattoo removal

Reasons for tattoo removal

The removal of a tattoo is difficult and costly compared to getting one. Tattoo removal is a decision you will undertake for reasons that may or may not be in your control but are in your best interest.

The breakup

You see celebrities, friends, and family even tattoo the name of their significant other on their bodies. Some go as far as tattooing an image along with it. They are so madly in love that they think for the moment because of their high.

Fast-forward to a few months or years, they find out they are incompatible. They fight, the relationship crumbles, and they eventually break up, left with only the tattoo of their ex. Naturally, they would want to move on, and removing the tattoo is a part of the moving-on process.

Cosmetic reasons

Tattoos can be used for beauty enhancement. The most common is eyebrow tattoos. A person may be experiencing thinning or total loss of the eyebrows. This happens due to age, accident, or excessive plucking. Another cosmetic tattoo procedure is lip blushing. Lip blushing is a procedure that uses a needle to deposit pigments on the lip area to change its colour. The tattoo is deemed semi-permanent.

These cosmetic tattoos, however, fade and migrate as time goes by. The distorted tattoo can make a person look strange instead of serving their original beautifying purpose.

Poor decision-making

Many people regret their choice of tattoo, positioning, or getting a tattoo. They may have experienced peer pressure, short-term thinking, a surge of emotion, or youthful naiveness.


Having tattoos, especially ones which can not be hidden under clothing, is discouraged in some places of work. Tattoos still have a stigma attached to them. A career in law enforcement, healthcare, school/academics, hotel and resort, banking, and financial institutions all discourage the outward display of tattoos.

Fed up

Tattoos can be a source of personal pride and joy. It makes a statement and is a reflection of one’s personality. You may have a change of mind and heart as you grow older. You may get bored with your tattoo. You may also want to erase it because you are making changes to your life that do not have room for remembrances of the past.

Can a tattoo be removed entirely?

The simple answer is – yes. Complete tattoo removal is possible, provided you undergo the correct procedure. There are a few options you may take if you decide to have your tattoo removed. Some are more effective and expensive than others, so beware.

Can a tattoo be removed entirely?

Surgical excision

This tattoo removal involves local, regional, or general anaesthetic. Your tattoo will be removed using a scalpel, and the skin is then stitched together. This procedure can leave scarring and is best for removing small tattoos.


Laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective. You will be injected with only a local anaesthetic, then powerful laser pulses to heat and break down the tattoo ink under your skin. Depending on size, depth, type, and age, repeated sessions may be needed to remove your tattoo.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel for tattoo removal involves the application of an acid, trichloroacetic acid, to the area where the tattoo is. This is a painful procedure but does not require an anaesthetic. The resulting wound needs to be cleaned and cared for with antibiotics.


Considered a surgical procedure, this tattoo removal involves an abrasive to grind away your tattoo. This method grinds away layers of skin that contain the tattoo ink. You will be administered an anaesthetic for this procedure.

Beware of cheap tattoo removal creams.

This is the cheapest available product that promises painless and most manageable tattoo removal. Tattoo removal creams, however, are not effective. This type of cream or serum may cause adverse skin reactions, resulting in tissue damage. Though these are not illegal to purchase, you should avoid these as they do not come with food and drug certification.


Tattoos have seen a surge in popularity and a change in perception. They were once reserved only for the delinquents and rebels in society. Now, it has become part of your image and personality and a tool for beauty. 

You should think it over before getting a tattoo, even with their current less negative distinction. Do not get a tattoo if you are intoxicated by alcohol or love. There is always laser tattoo removal if you decide to get a tattoo and want it removed.

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