Instagram Viral Secret: How to Make Popular Instagram Post

by Carter Toni


Since the whole world is sitting at home because of one virus, it’s time to think about creating your own contagious element – viral content. People are spending more time on social media, so now is the best opportunity to create a post that everyone will share.

A real viral post is, most often, a series of accidents and a fortunate combination of circumstances that allowed the publication to disperse. And although it is impossible to control this, there are aspects that will help your material become quite popular.

Unusual for target audience

Your subscribers and target audience are used to roughly the same “tone” of content that everyone follows in a particular niche. Presentation, images, meanings – everything is about the same for everyone. But when clearly different content breaks into this conditional silence, it attracts attention. It is not necessary to wait for an occasion and a topic that should burst out all over the world. Getting coverage among your target audience is what is important for commercial social networks, and moving away from the usual foundations will already help to do this.

News agenda

You can take, as well as public news, and touch on a topic from your industry. Well-executed situational content always gets free Instagram likes. This works because the news itself already has some traffic and interest, so it would be appropriate to enter this stream and get some of the coverage for yourself. The main thing to remember is three things:

– do not touch “black” topics (or be careful with them, as there is a high risk of running into negativity)

– respond quickly (no one will pay attention to the situation in the old way of information, so do not delay the implementation of such content)

– do it qualitatively (although this is a subjective concept, the tastes of the target audience in this matter must definitely be taken into account)

Battle with a competitor

Here we do not mean conflicts and unreasonable attacks on colleagues in the shop, but rather friendly jokes. Everyone is familiar with the confrontation between car brands, fast food restaurants, mobile operators and others. Albeit not on such a scale, but this technique can be used on your own. The audience likes to follow the development of such stories. Therefore, conflicts between bloggers are so popular on the Internet, and most films are built on the struggle of two sides. In marketing, there are even known cases of artificial conflicts for the sake of PR. So the option works.

Post design

Since we are chasing coverage, publications should look attractive. No one will share a post with a design worse than WhatsApp congratulations. Here again we take into account the tastes of the target audience and decide whether we want to stand out with the presentation. If yes, then do not forget to explicitly indicate whose post this is. If they are removed, then such content will not even be thought that it belongs to a bakery.

Post visibility

The title and image should reflect the “sharpness” of the topic and develop it in the post itself. Otherwise, the publication will be scrolled, and your attempt to make a viral post will look like an uncertain answer from a schoolboy in an undertone. How exactly to highlight it is up to you, but the idea itself is worth keeping in mind.

Touch emotions

Here, basically, it is worth using either joy or anger/indignation. In the first case, people will share because of “look how funny/bold”. In the second, the user’s personal opinion will serve as motivation, where he will show in every possible way how he does not agree with the author or simply indicates an alternative view. The former are easier to work with, but the latter can bring more reach due to the activity under the post.


The purpose of such a post, most often, is simply to get attention for your brand, to get likes and followers. Many brands and talents would apply with the Instagram auto liker to fast realize it. But it is much better if the publication also has an additional purpose: to sell, inform, benefit, and so on, which the auto liker can’t help you in a short time. Having done all this correctly, the post will not only spread across the network, but will also affect other indicators.

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