Interview at an IT company? Tips from our team!

by Glenn Maxwell

Sometimes people don’t get the job they want in a Python development company, not because they’re not the right fit, but because they misbehaved during the interview. Perhaps the nerves played a cruel joke, or maybe the candidate simply does not have experience.

The topic is important, so in this article we will go through the main points that will help you turn this unpleasant “thank you, we will call you back” into “congratulations, you are hired”.

Information in the resume

It is important to remember two things here. First, bigger doesn’t mean better. You don’t have to mention all your accomplishments. Yes, even how you got electricity from potatoes at the age of 5. It’s cool, but we’ll leave these stories for the corporate party.

Python proficiency mentioned – be prepared to share where you’ve used it. Wrote that you know Django or Flask, it would be great if the portfolio was full of projects that you made on these frameworks.

Anything can be checked, so go over your resume again and make sure you know each item well. If you know something only in practice, but not in theory, say so. If you are being interviewed by a competent specialist, he will immediately figure out that you are not very fumbling. Why do you need +1 awkward moment? Don’t you have anything else to think about before going to bed?

The interview begins with a story about yourself – here you do not need to retell your autobiography, but give a squeeze on the main points:

  •           Where did you study and what experience in IT;
  •           What did they do on the last project;
  •           What duties did you perform?
  •           Name of the previous position;
  •           Where did you work or train before?
  •           How does your knowledge relate to the position you are applying for?

When a person is hired for the position of a tester, recruiters can ask such questions:

  •           What are the types of testing?
  •           How is validation different from verification?
  •           What is the structure of the bug report, etc.

In addition, they can also give a site page where you need to find all the bugs. 

Recruiter = friend

Most often, recruiters work for a percentage, that is, for each closed position they receive a nice bonus. Therefore, we can say that they are interested in you getting a position, more than you are. Be polite to recruiters. Please don’t hesitate to ask how the interview will go. You may be able to find out the list of questions in advance and prepare for the interview.

This multiplies your chances. You can also see if the company has closed vacancies on the site ( Go through the list of technologies they use. This will give you a basic idea of ​​what you might be asked.

Technical interview

Often the information that you are asked for is 80 percent theory. This means that during everyday work you will not come into contact with it. Therefore, do not worry if you could not answer a question, but it is better to mark it somewhere and study the information at home. It won’t be redundant.

Soft skills and appearance

Even though you will interact with a computer more often due to your work, the interview is conducted by a person. Evaluate you and make a choice, too, people. Therefore, the human factor is inevitable. In any case, development is a team effort. Dispel the myth that all IT people are introverts and psychos 😀

Dress neatly. Be polite, ask questions. Even if the company does not have a dress code, remember the main thing: a plain sweatshirt is safer than one with a strange inscription or a meme (or maybe not).

In general, fewer nerves, and everything will work out. Prepare, learn, be greedy for knowledge and curious about the world. Think like an employer and see how you can close their problems. Stories about yourself are nothing if you then run a little on Stack Overflow.

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