Is It Possible To Complete A Dissertation In 20 Days?

by Carter Toni

“Yes, it is possible!”

A dissertation is the most crucial part of your academic career (Helpwithdissertation, 2021). You have to write it in the last year of your degree but what if you do not have enough time to complete it and it has come to the point where you have only 20 days till your deadline approaches. If you are wondering whether you can complete the dissertation at this time then yes, you can!

In this post, you be educated on how to complete your dissertation in 20 days, so keep on reading!

How to Finish Your Dissertation in 20 Days?

Proper Planning:

To complete your dissertation in 20 days you need to have a properly planned schedule. You have to abide by this schedule if you want to complete the dissertation on time. For example, if you are writing an MBA dissertation, the word limit will be around 20,000 words and to complete it in 20 days you have to write a thousand words each day.

Now how will you plan to writea thousand words is completely up to you. Whether you want to write 500 words in the afternoon and five hundred words in the evening or want to get done with entire thousand words in the evening is up to you.

Although it is highly advised that you break down this major task into minor ones. This will help you achieve them quickly and time will be effectively managed.

Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is common among students and you are most likely to procrastinate if you have a lengthy task at hand. The first step to getting rid of procrastination is to find out why you are procrastinating. Here are a few reasons for procrastination:

Too Optimist or Pessimist:

One of the main reasons why students procrastinate is that either they are too optimistic about themselves or too pessimistic. As a student, you may think that with just making a schedule you will magically get done with your dissertation on time because now you know what to do and this makes you procrastinate.

On the opposite of the spectrum,some pessimistic students think that no matter that they will never become capable of completing their dissertation on time, and the stresses them out. As an outcome, they start procrastinating.

Vague Goals:

You are more likely to procrastinate when your goals are vague, compared to when they are concrete clearly defined or concrete. If you think that a certain goal is unlikely to be achieved then this will be because you view that goal as vague.

Focus On Future Opportunities:

Another reason why you may start procrastinating in the present is that you intend or hope to do something big in the future or maybe you have some sort of backup plan. Knowing that you have options and that your career is not entirely dependent on the dissertation can lead to long-term procrastination.

Once you are done identifying the reason you can effectively work on the solution and minimize procrastination. This is an essential step because you can not afford to procrastinate a lot if you want to complete the dissertation in just twenty days.

Get Academic Help:

Supposing that you are a business student who has to complete their dissertation but is stuck on what topic you want to go for. Now there are a lot of dissertation topics in business that you can choose from. But since it requires a lot of effort and time to come up with a good one you can take the help of a classmate or a friend, this will give you more ideas and decrease the time you may spend in choosing a topic all by yourself.

Now the thing is that just because you have to complete your dissertation does not mean you can neglect your other class assignment essays. They also need to be submitted on time.

You are most likely to leave them unfinished because you have to complete your dissertation in such a short time that there will be little time left to do other assignments. If you are burdened with a lot of assignments then you can take the help of a professional essay writer or try your best to get an extension for the essays from your professor.

Stay Self-Motivated:

When you have such a lengthy task at hand and the time is short, you are bound to get tired and unmotivated in the writing and researching process.

First of all, to stay motivated throughout the dissertation completing process you need to remind yourself of why this dissertation and degree are important to you. What were you aiming for and what benefits will you gain if this dissertation gets you an outstanding grade? If you practice this often during the completion of your dissertation, rung out of motivation will be difficult

Another way to stay motivated is to reward yourself. Also known as positive reinforcement, it helps students with their academic and social success whether they are outside of the classroom or inside (Rumfola, L., 2017)You can use it for your benefit to increase desired behaviors such as completing a dissertation on time. The main idea is that you reward yourself after you have completed your tasks for the day. This reward can be in the form of eating a snack you like or watching your favorite show.

Finally, to stay motivated you need to regulate your mood. You should do things by exercising daily. Moreover, a proper goodnight’s sleep will help you get rid of exhaustion and you will be able to become motivated, faster, and overall productive.


Now you know that you are capable of completing your dissertation in 20 days and how to do so, just get back to work!

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