Is Kendall Schmidt Married? Who is He Married To? Who is Mica Von Turkovich?

by Moore Martin

Is Kendall Schmidt Married

In the world of celebrity relationships, fans are often curious about the romantic lives of their favorite stars. One such question that has been buzzing in recent times is, “Is Kendall Schmidt married?” In this article, we’ll explore the love story of Kendall Schmidt, a well-known figure from Big Time Rush, and his beautiful wife, Mica von Turkovich. Let’s delve into their journey, along with some interesting facts about Kendall Schmidt and Mica von Turkovich.

The Love Story of Kendall Schmidt and Mica von Turkovich

Yes, Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush is officially married! The 33-year-old singer shared this joyous news with his fans on Instagram. In a heartwarming black and white photo from their wedding day, Kendall expressed his gratitude, captioning it with, “Thankful for my baby.”

The surprise announcement didn’t stop there; Kendall and Mica also revealed that they are expecting their first child, adding an extra layer of excitement to their new journey together.

A Hint in a Birthday Post

Kendall had hinted at their marital status in a birthday post on November 2. He not only thanked well-wishers but also referred to Mica as his beautiful wife. This subtle clue sparked speculation among fans, leading to a frenzy of excitement.

From 2012 to 2022

The love story of Kendall Schmidt and Mica von Turkovich began in 2012 when they first met. Fast forward to June 2022, and the couple took a significant step in their relationship by getting engaged at the iconic Radio City Music Hall, where their journey had started. The intimate proposal was followed by von Turkovich sharing behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram, expressing her love for Schmidt.

Who is Mica Von Turkovich?

Mica Von Turkovich is the lovely wife of Kendall Schmidt. Born in Vermont in 1991, she is known for her versatile talents, especially in the field of writing. Her journey as a writer has evolved from childhood stories about her imaginary horse to later expressing narratives through acting.

Love at First Concert

Mica, who goes by the handle Mica_Chu on Instagram, met Kendall at a Big Time Rush concert in 2012. Interestingly, she was working as a nanny at the time. Their connection deepened over the years, evident in Schmidt’s heartfelt social media tributes.

A Romantic Proposal

couple’s engagement took place at the iconic Radio City Music Hall, marking a significant milestone in their love story. This romantic chapter has not only brought joy to Kendall Schmidt but also to their fans who have been following their journey closely.

Who is Kendall Schmidt?

Kendall Francis Schmidt is not just a singer; he is a versatile American artist known for his various roles in the entertainment industry. He has made a name for himself as a singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, and actor.

Big Time Rush and Beyond

Kendall gained prominence for his role as Kendall Knight in the popular TV series Big Time Rush, where he was part of the eponymous boy band. Beyond his success with the band, Schmidt has made appearances in various TV shows, showcasing his acting prowess.

A Star Since Childhood

Kendall Schmidt’s journey in the entertainment industry began at a very young age. He featured in a Chex TV commercial at the age of five. At nine, he became the stand-in and body double for Haley Joel Osment in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, where he received a Star Wars-themed birthday cake surprise from the cast. His family’s move to California at the age of 10 laid the foundation for his multifaceted career.

Kendall Schmidt’s Career

Kendall Schmidt’s career took flight in 2001 when he secured recurring roles in TV shows like General Hospital, Titus, Raising Dad, Gilmore Girls, and CSI: Miami. He also made guest appearances on popular series such as ER, MADtv, Easy A, and Phil of the Future.

Big Time Rush’s Success

In 2009, Kendall landed the lead role in the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush, where he portrayed the calm and relaxed Kendall Knight. The accompanying boy band gained massive success, with their debut album, “BTR,” reaching number 3 on the Billboard 200. The band’s journey continued with successful albums like “Elevate” (2011) and “24/Seven” (2013).

Heffron Drive and Virtual Reunion

Post-Big Time Rush, Schmidt returned to his duo, Heffron Drive, releasing singles like “Parallel” and “Living Room.” In 2020, there was a virtual reunion with Big Time Rush members, bringing nostalgic joy to fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Kendall Schmidt Married: FAQs

Yes, Kendall Schmidt is married to Mica Von Turkovich. The couple announced their marriage with a heartfelt Instagram post.

1. Who is Mica Von Turkovich?

Mica Von Turkovich is Kendall Schmidt’s wife. She is a talented writer and actress who met Kendall at a Big Time Rush concert in 2012.

2. How old is Kendall Schmidt?

As of 2023, Kendall Schmidt is 33 years old.

3. What are Kendall Schmidt’s career highlights?

Kendall Schmidt’s career highlights include his roles in TV shows like Big Time Rush, ER, and Phil of the Future. He is also known for his music career, both as a solo artist and as part of the boy band Big Time Rush.

4. Are there any upcoming projects for Kendall Schmidt?

As of now, Kendall Schmidt’s fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements about his future projects in both music and acting.

In conclusion, Kendall Schmidt’s marriage to Mica Von Turkovich is a beautiful chapter in his life, and fans are excited to see the couple’s journey together unfold. With their love story starting at a Big Time Rush concert and culminating in a romantic proposal, it’s clear that their bond is a special one. As Kendall continues to make strides in his career, we can only expect more exciting developments from this talented artist.

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