Is Lance Stroll Leaving F1? Lance Stroll’s Decision!

by Moore Martin

Is Lance Stroll Leaving F1

In the world of Formula 1, rumors and speculations often swirl around the future of drivers. One such driver who has recently been a subject of discussion is Lance Stroll. In this article, we’ll delve into the question, “Is Lance Stroll Leaving F1?” and also get to know more about the talented Canadian driver.

Lance Stroll’s Commitment to Formula 1

Despite encountering difficulties during the Aston Martin season, Lance Stroll has firmly asserted his commitment to continue racing in Formula 1. This determination to stay in the pinnacle of motorsport comes in the face of performance struggles and rumors of a potential move to the World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Lance Stroll’s Decision

So, is Lance Stroll leaving Formula 1? The answer is no. Stroll has unequivocally confirmed that he will be racing with Aston Martin in the upcoming season. This decision was not taken lightly, considering the challenges faced during the current season.

Stroll’s Perspective

Stroll, when asked about his decision, acknowledged the difficulties of the season but expressed his unwavering determination to stay with the team. This decision also aligns with Aston Martin’s team principal, Mike Krack, who confirmed that Stroll would be racing alongside teammate Fernando Alonso in the next year.

Stroll vs. Alonso

The decision to retain Lance Stroll in Formula 1 comes amid speculation and criticism regarding his performance compared to Alonso’s more successful campaign. It showcases Stroll’s resilience and commitment to improving his performance and contributing to the team’s success.

Now that we have clarified that Lance Stroll is indeed staying in Formula 1 let’s delve into who Lance Stroll is.

Who is Lance Stroll?

Lance Stroll is a Canadian Formula One driver who currently races for the Aston Martin team. His journey in motorsports began in karting, where he quickly progressed through the ranks, ultimately winning the Italian F4 Championship in 2014.

Full Name Lance Stroll
Birthdate 29 October 1998 (Age: 25)
Birthplace Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Formula One Debut 2017 Australian Grand Prix
Current Team (2024) Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes
Car Number 18
Total Entries 145 (143 starts)
Championships 0
Wins 0
Podiums 3
Career Points 268
Pole Positions 1
Fastest Laps 0
2023 Season Position 10th (74 pts)

Formula One Debut

Stroll made his Formula One debut in 2017 with the Williams team before moving to Racing Point, which later became known as Aston Martin, in 2019. His transition to Formula 1 marked the realization of a lifelong dream.

Career Highlights

In the 2023 season, Lance Stroll achieved his best career result, finishing 10th in the Drivers’ Championship. While he hasn’t won any championships yet, he has stood on the podium three times and earned a total of 268 career points.

Age and Experience

Born on October 29, 1998, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Lance Stroll is a 25-year-old Canadian Formula One driver. Since his debut at the 2017 Australian Grand Prix, Stroll has participated in 145 Formula One races, with 143 starts.

The Path Forward

Despite some ups and downs, Stroll is recognized for his racing talent and has been a part of the competitive Formula One field from a young age, benefiting from his family’s longstanding involvement in motorsports.

Lance Stroll’s Early Life

Lance Stroll’s journey in motorsports began at a young age, thanks to his family’s passion for racing. He was introduced to karting, and his natural talent quickly became evident. He achieved notable success in various karting championships, including winning the Canadian National Karting Championships in different categories.

Transition to Open-Wheel Racing

His talent and dedication paved the way for a transition to open-wheel racing. Stroll made significant strides in series like the Italian F4 Championship and the Toyota Racing Series, showcasing his skill and determination. These early experiences laid the foundation for his entry into Formula One, marking the beginning of a promising racing career for the Canadian driver.

Lance Stroll’s Racing Career

Lance Stroll’s racing career has been marked by progression and challenges. Starting in karting, he excelled in various championships, winning titles like the Canadian National Karting Championships. His transition to open-wheel racing saw success in series like the Italian F4 Championship and the Toyota Racing Series.

Formula 3 European Championship

Stroll’s breakthrough came in 2016 when he won the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, showcasing his talent. This victory catapulted him onto the Formula One scene.

Teams in Formula One

Throughout his Formula One career, Stroll has raced for multiple teams, including Williams, Racing Point, and Aston Martin. His journey began with Williams in 2017, making him the first Canadian on the grid since 2006.

2023 Season

The 2023 season marked a turning point for Stroll as he achieved his best Formula One result, finishing 10th with Aston Martin. Despite challenges, his resilience and determination have been constant companions on his racing journey.

Lance Stroll’s Family

Lance Stroll comes from a wealthy and influential family. His father, Lawrence Stroll, is a successful Canadian businessman and a key figure in the fashion industry. Lawrence, a billionaire, owns the Racing Point Formula One team, which later became Aston Martin.

Family Support

Lance’s family background played a significant role in supporting his racing career, providing the financial means necessary for his progression through the ranks of motorsport. Their unwavering support has been crucial in his journey to Formula One.


In conclusion, the question “Is Lance Stroll Leaving F1?” has been definitively answered—no, he is not leaving Formula 1. Lance Stroll remains committed to racing with Aston Martin in the upcoming season, determined to overcome challenges and make his mark in the competitive world of Formula 1.

Is Lance Stroll Leaving F1 – FAQs

  1. How did Lance Stroll enter Formula One? Lance Stroll entered Formula One in 2017 with Williams Martini Racing. His family’s significant financial backing and his success in junior categories, including winning the 2016 FIA Formula 3 European Championship, played a crucial role in securing his spot in the pinnacle of motorsport.
  2. What teams has Lance Stroll raced for in Formula One? Lance Stroll has competed for Williams, Racing Point, and Aston Martin in Formula One. His journey began with Williams, and he later moved to Racing Point, which transformed into Aston Martin in 2021.
  3. Has Lance Stroll won any Formula One championships? Currently, Lance Stroll has not won any Formula One championships. However, he has shown promise with podium finishes and continues to compete at a high level.
  4. What is Lance Stroll’s best Formula One result? Lance Stroll’s best Formula One result is finishing in third place at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix while driving for Racing Point.
  5. How has Lance Stroll’s family influenced his racing career? Lance Stroll’s family, particularly his father Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire businessman, has played a crucial role in supporting his racing career financially. Lawrence’s ownership of the Racing Point and Aston Martin teams has provided Lance with valuable opportunities in Formula One.

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