Is Maths Compulsory to Crack IPMAT and How to prepare for it?

by Carter Toni

Management studies have been becoming a common craze among students as the following field has a broad perspective and gives boosted opportunities in job standards. The management options have been serving great packages to the candidates willing to give their masterly dedication to this ingenious field.

A lot of massive institutions are facilitating their diversification through several entrance examinations. Of the numerous kinds, IPMAT is one of the most efficient and channelizing. The following Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test has been conducted by the most eminent Indian Institute Of Management, Indore.

This following competitive exam determines the admission criteria for a five-year integrated management programme. IIFT also accepts the exam results for their admission procedure. The conducted examination will give the students the appealing admission into the IPM programme that is certified under two degrees, that is, Bachelor and Master, at IIM Indore.

Same in the IIFT, the following candidates will get the opportunity to complete their BBA and MBA programmes with the keen assistance of experienced faculties. But one of the common perceptions that hover over many students is if a non-math IPMAT aspirant can crack the entrance and get into IPM.

To follow up on this concern, let us brief you that all the IPMs have approved several batches with non-math students. The dedicated candidates have to only have strong confidence and zeal to crack the test instead of getting worried about their non-mathematical background. It has been proved by many students who even have scored better than the maths students. Here we will discuss the weightage of Maths in the IPMAT examination and how you can easily crack the entrance with suitable tips.

Best Preparation Tips For Non-Math Students to Crack IPMAT

First of all, go for the basic topics

When you start focusing on the IPMAT entrance exam preparation, prefer light topics such as arithmetic and algebra, which are common for BBA and all IPMAT examinations. Proper practice from these topics will help you cover the related categories in the test with all the attempts.

You will feel easy to solve questions from these related backgrounds in less time. Attending these questions will help you add the values for the long mathematical components you may not solve without losing marks. Once you practise the detailing portions of the easy topics, you are ready with the significant questions for the test.

No major mathematical concepts

The IPMAT entrance does not comprise a higher level of mathematics. So, going through the easy concepts and practising them thoroughly can give you good results and score well as per the required cut-off. Strengthen your base about formulas, and boost your solving time to adjust the sections properly. Other than that, be confident about the formulas and note down not to revise them.

Prefer a few topics and practise them properly

As per the given time constraints, nobody gets the required time to solve all the questions completely and in an ordered way. So, to acquire the desired results, pick up the questions you are confident about and can solve in no time. This action will give you the convenient score you deserve without being confused about several topics. As you will not attempt every question, don’t go for the higher Maths section. Instead of that, go through the easily understandable concepts. Practise them thoroughly to be utmost comfortable in solving the related questions.

Practice Properly

Most of the Maths background students practise the higher maths concepts in their 11th and 12th standard. These higher concepts help them cover a significant portion while preparing for the entrance examination. So, at your convenience, prefer a few highly conceptualised Maths and practise them regularly.

Consistent practice and thorough preparation will help boost your method to a vast extent. Mostly, students get scared by looking at the formulas and concepts, but as you will start practising the minor problems, your interest will be channelled to solve more. We all know that practice makes a perfect deal, so make your will strong about the IPMAT entrance and achieve the career you have opted for.

Things you need to keep in your consideration

  • Be specific about your own areas through which you can score well. With a minimum number of concepts, practice thoroughly and make your goals to crack the IPMAT entrance.
  • Don’t get scared of the higher-maths concepts, as they may become a bit difficult in the first go, but with consistent practice, you can master them.
  • Most of the IPMAT questions are derived from the 10th grade, so with determined practice, you can get into IIM Indore with great scores.
  • Go for the basic concepts and then regularise your practice with heavy concepts with time.


IPMAT entrance may be difficult but not impossible with great practice. Start your journey today and believe in yourself to get a high score in IPMAT. The eligibility criteria of the exam follow the 60 per cent markings in 10 and 12 classes. SC, ST and OBC candidates have to score at least 55 per cent in their 10th and 12th standard. Qualifying in the following entrance will give you bountiful opportunities in the management field.

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