Leke Adesoye Death and Obituary, Who Was Leke Adesoye? The Life and Legacy of a Jungle Music Icon!

by Moore Martin

Leke Adesoye Death and Obituary


In this article, we will delve into the life and passing of Leke Adesoye, the esteemed founder of the Junglist Movement. We will also explore the circumstances surrounding his unfortunate demise, shedding light on the impact he made in the world of jungle and drum & bass music.

Early Life and Music Career

Leke Adesoye, a name synonymous with jungle and drum & bass music, left an indelible mark on the industry. He embarked on his musical journey as a member of the Mixrace group, where his talent and passion for music first came to light.

The Birth of a Legacy

Leke’s true legacy, however, began with the establishment of Aerosoul, a fashion company that birthed iconic brands like the Junglist Movement. This movement didn’t just influence music but also played a pivotal role in shaping fashion trends, leaving an everlasting imprint on the cultural landscape.

Battling Health Challenges

Leke Adesoye’s life was not without its challenges. He grappled with sickle cell anemia, a condition that demanded immense strength and resilience. But it was the rare giant cell tumor that truly tested his mettle. A GoFundMe campaign was initiated to support him during his struggle against this relentless disease.

The Music and Fashion Nexus

Aerosoul, under Leke’s guidance, introduced a myriad of brands such as Hip Hop Movement, Babysoul, Soulero Sista, and Aerosoul Africa. Junglist Movement clothing, a creation of Adesoye’s vision, even found its way onto the big screen in the 1999 film “Human Traffic.” It was through these endeavors that he merged the realms of music and fashion, an innovation that resonated deeply with his audience.

The Sad Announcement

The heart-wrenching news of Leke Adesoye’s passing was confirmed by Simon Colebrooke, the founder of 2 Bad Mice, through a poignant Instagram post. The entire jungle and drum & bass community mourned the loss of an icon who had shaped and defined a musical era.

Who Was Leke Adesoye?

Leke Adesoye, a luminary in the jungle and drum & bass music scene, will forever be remembered for his contributions. His journey began with Mixrace and culminated in the establishment of the Junglist Movement. Despite his health struggles, he remained an influential figure who left an indelible mark on the industry.

How did Leke Adesoye Die?

Leke Adesoye’s battle against a rare giant cell tumor eventually claimed his life. The jungle and drum & bass community rallied around him when a GoFundMe campaign was launched to assist with his medical expenses. Additionally, his lifelong struggle with sickle cell anemia added to the complexity of his health challenges.

What Happened to Leke Adesoye?

Leke Adesoye’s untimely passing was attributed to the rare giant cell tumor, which he had fought valiantly. His lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia was an added burden. Simon Colebrooke, the founder of 2 Bad Mice, shared the sorrowful news via an Instagram post, commemorating Adesoye’s immense contributions to the jungle and drum & bass community.

Leke Adesoye Death and Obituary – FAQs

1. How did Leke Adesoye pass away?

Leke Adesoye succumbed to a rare disease known as giant cell tumor, after battling it for some time.

2. Who was Leke Adesoye?

Leke Adesoye was the founder of Junglist Movement and a significant figure in jungle and drum & bass music.

3. What health challenges did Leke Adesoye face?

He struggled with sickle cell anemia in addition to the rare giant cell tumor.

4. Who confirmed Leke Adesoye’s passing?

Simon Colebrooke, the founder of 2 Bad Mice, confirmed Leke Adesoye’s death in an Instagram post.

5. How did Leke Adesoye contribute to the music scene?

He played a pivotal role in shaping and defining the jungle and drum & bass movement, leaving a lasting legacy.

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