Travertine is among the best-known building materials. It is a result of its natural splendor and durability that it’s will on the market. Also, light travertine tiles would be the best choice for most people. They’re going with this stone because of its earthy designs and colors. Report of the stone causes it to be appropriate for floors and walls.

Additionally towards the highs, travertine tiles also provide some lows. Despite being beautiful and sturdy, it’s not easy to keep. When you seal and polish its surface, you’re all set. Let’s create a list of their benefits and drawbacks for the ease. The table below can help you understand:

Now, it’s time for you to discuss what exactly above. So, let’s get to the details.

Pros of travertine tiles:

Without doubt, light travertine tiles in the united states convey more pros than cons. It’s a gemstone with higher visual appeal. More positives of those tiles are:

Visually appealing:

Natural great thing about travertine may be the feature on the market. No-one can deny the soothing great thing about its earthy tones. Because it is contained in natural rocks and sediments, its tiles are often unique and appealing. Additionally, it arrives with specks and swirls on its surface. In this manner, are put into any room associated with a style and size.

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Travertine is really a hard gemstone that may stand much deterioration, even just in high-traffic spaces. Also, it won’t easily show scratches, cracks, or chips. Your day-to-day deterioration don’t put much force on solid travertine tiles. In the same manner, you will possibly not need to take on large repair bills like finishes. Plus, these tiles will age naturally. Because of this, people apply it decades.

Light travertine tiles are versatile:

Because of its earthy tone, travertine includes a timeless look. Also, it comes down in a number of stunning colors and may form various patterns. In this manner, you’ll have a great outlook in your home. Plus, it can make it much simpler to exchange tiles afterwards. These tiles are neutral having a range in off-white-colored, tan, beige, gold, and speckled tones, meaning travertine can participate in any décor style. If you’re utilizing antiques or ultra-modern furniture, choose these natural tones.

Simpler to shape:

Much like Calcutta gold marble tiles, travertine can also be porous anyway. But, it’s more difficult than marble stone. That’s the reason it may be cut and formed into various designs and forms. It enables homeowners to experience using its designs and shapes. So, for individuals who like to experiment, choose odd shapes, designed for patios.

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Because it is an all natural stone, travertine can pressure and heat. It’s naturally cold in tiles along with other forms. Particularly, those are the best option for flooring within the summer time. But, they may be chilly during the cold months season. For the reason that situation, use cozy and warm rugs. However, because of its heat resistance ability, it is wonderful for kitchen flooring.

Cons of travertine tiles:

Together with benefits, travertine also offers some downsides. Now, check out a number of its cons:

Your buck:

Additionally to being durable and classy, they may be pricey. It could cost under marble tiles, however they cost much using the seal and finishing. So, its initial price is high than other natural gemstones. In the same manner, it’s not easy to correct in situation associated with a surface damage. Plus, the cutting and grout lines can also add more for your budget.


Travertine is porous anyway and that’s why it’s not easy to keep. Despite an effective seal, it takes much maintenance and care. Also, it’s vulnerable to etching and staining. Within this situation, it’s not easy to wash the challenging stains and acidic spills. So, it is best to wash the spills every time they happen.

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Heavy to set up:

Well, travertine could be much heavier than other tiles like ceramic and porcelain. It can make it hard to set up. Within this situation, you’ll need a subfloor that may carry the load of tiles. Also, it contributes to its shipping and installation cost.

Hard and slippery underfoot:

Travertine tile can be difficult inside a bed room or where you frequently go barefoot. Many people don’t like the way the gemstone feels on the ground. Within this situation, rugs might help but might not be well suited for everybody. Additionally to being hard, these tiles will also be slippery having a polished finish. So, this isn’t the very best material for lavatory tiles. Even though it is heat-resistant, it may be cold underfoot.


It is no wonder that individuals gravitate for the natural splendor of sunshine travertine tiles. They are available in many of neutral tones. Plus, they’re heat-resistant. But, they’ve some downsides that you need to know. Travertine could be pricey and rough underfoot. Generally, the professionals outnumber the disadvantages. So, if you choose to get these flooring, visit the website of They’ve some good choices for you.