Live Video for Marketing: How Powerful is it?

by Carter Toni

Ready? Get, set, action! No, no, no, don’t get confused. This article is not about films. But, it does have something that is none less than that. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the live video and how it is helpful in marketing. Competition is growing day by day and finding the new ways to make a business success has become tough. And, it becomes even more difficult when our competitors are trying to achieve the same things. So, what is important for us is to differentiate ourselves. One thing that we need to understand is same old marketing techniques are surely not going to help.

Live Video for Marketing

We all are aware of the change and power that digital marketing has brought into the businesses. Out of all the things that digital marketing has done, two methods remain effective that are videos and f2f contact. Videos engage the customer to watch, and feel the product; and contacting the person will let us build enough trust to persuade them to buy. Fortunately, with the evolution and change in technology, one technique has been found that manages to combine both of them. It is none other than Live Video Marketing.

Live video offers the businesses a comfort and ease of making video ads and provide it the personal touch of a sales agent. However, there are various platforms to do the video marketing, but Facebook is commonly used as it is a platform where customers already congregate. It’s a platform where you can expect the leads to interact with you. Live video is slowly becoming the future of video marketing.

The reasons for using live videos for marketing is that videos have the capability to create maximum views, generate traffic, and make customers engage with you. Live streaming video for marketing has been embraced by to leaders who want to have conversation. Live video marketing is for those who are willing to experiment and improvise as needed. With this, you can generate the trust and empower others, by playfully ditching the script. One thing is sure that live video has ability to mesmerize people, and due to this, it has quickly came up as a leading strategy in marketing plans all over the world. Live video for business can’t be ignored. They are the nowadays a sure shot way to gain customers.

Not only Facebook; Twitter, and Instagram like platforms have recently launched live videos for stories. Live streaming videos is becoming one of the most powerful tools that help the business to share content and reach a broader audience.

When it comes to the marketing strategy, we should understand that video can make it or break it. Well, live streaming videos should carefully and thoughtfully been shown to your audience. It must have the sense of humor (if applicable, as it keep audience engaged), human side of your business, and must carry something of value to the audience. However, there are certain risks that are associated with the live streaming videos. Doing everything written here or playing it safe surely won’t get you the results. You must engage your viewers in immediate and authentic ways to get their attention.

Big Players in Video Marketing

  1. Periscope: Periscope is a helpful Twitter-bound video streamer. This platform allows you to use a registered account for Twitter to stream live video. The video will reach to all the followers, as well as to anyone who finds your entry on the trending feed interesting. Some of the major brands such as Doritos, Redbull, and EA Sports have had all the success with live video marketing with this platform. Periscope could directly be linked to the Twitter account and it will let you jump for a brand with a solid Twitter following.
  2. Facebook Live: Facebook Live and Periscope are arch rivals. They both offers the same service with a few key differences. Periscope is designed for seamless Twitter use and Facebook has a comment feed just below the video with options to “like” the comments. Facebook Live is majorly used medium to share special events with the audience who would otherwise never attend.
  3. YouTube Live: Another very well-known platform is the Youtube Live. This option by YouTube is most commonly used for sports or videogame streams, news, and other performances and awards shows. YouTube Live is an outstanding platform for brand storytelling.

Benefits of live video marketing?

  1. Reach to the audience: With live streaming you can reach the maximum number of audience. And, it is a proven fact that approximately 80% of audiences prefer watching live video to blog content, while 82% prefer live video to social posts.
  2. Increase in conversions: No matter what digital marketing tactic we use, it end goal is to drive sales and increase conversions. Live stream marketing can successfully boosts the sales intent among the target audience by 97%.  If video content placed strategically on a landing page, it can boost conversions by 80% or more.

 A Checklist for Live Marketing

Using live video is not all, you have to stand out as a quality business and for this you need to make sure you give your audience a quality session. Apart from presenting quality visual, strong content is also important. Ask yourself some of the questions before you start video marketing tactics. 

  • Is it going to help to humanize your business?
  • Is it helpful for you sell?
  • Is it going to raise awareness for business?
  • Is your video helpful to gather information on your audience?
  • Is it informative?

 Create an outline of the goals, which you wish to accomplish. 

  • Goals: Things that want to accomplish and if there is a call to action for viewers?
  • Title: Take a catchy title to help viewers know this is worth their time.
  • Pre-session Promotion: Promote on social platforms and website. Let audience know what you are up to.
  • Content: Incorporate meaningful content to share with audience.

By running through is checklist, you will be able to ensure you will have a successful session. So, don’t wait further, take your business to the new level with live video streaming.

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