Know The Difference: SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting

by Carter Toni

SEO Content Writing vs SEO Copywriting

We all are aware of the fact that content marketing is booming and it has revolutionized the way marketers engage, reach, and convert their leads into potential customers. One thing is perfectly sure that if you want to build your audience, you surely have to get smarter with your content. Still, the biggest challenge that a marketing is facing is writing content which is optimized for the search engines, yet it could appeal to people. So, people look for a content developer who is an effective communicator and can explain complex ideas and bring text to life. This is true that only a content writer could fit as a part of a marketing team and could reach a target audience. He has the ability to present that audience with products and services that they are looking for to address their pain points.

Now that we have understood about content marketing and content writing, let’s explore that aspects of content writing. You may have heard of two terms in the content writing i.e. SEO writing and SEO copywriting. However, if you are unaware about the SEO, or even aware about it let’s look at it. SEO isn’t complicated and any firm can make money by understanding simple concepts. SEO in general can be explained as a method of optimizing the content for the search engines. SEO is done to keep the ranking of the website high from other sites that target the same search terms.

Let’s understand the SEO step by step:

  • You research the keywords …
  • You select the necessary keywords
  • Writer uses the keyword to develop the content …
  • It is shared on social media sites and other platforms.

Coming back to the SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting. It won’t be inappropriate to say that these two may overlap. In most of the cases, marketers group them in the same category. They even make strategy of the overall content without differentiating the two. Well, knowing the difference between SEO copywriting and SEO writing is important. Because when these two are implemented correctly, it will help you achieve the results that you’re looking for.

Both types of writing generate Different Results

Yes, you heard that right. In general, both SEO content writing and SEO copywriting have to do with the words on the page. However, the difference is that they serve their own well-defined goal. This difference between the two matters because it can helps to find out which technique could be employed in order to gain the appropriate results. People commonly confusing between the two or it won’t be wrong to say they are ineffectively compounding the two. This will definitely lead to subpar results. So, considering the difference is important to choose the right method for the project.

Content marketing foundations: SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting

In this article above, we have discussed about the content marketing, which is a method of creating and sharing content for attracting the clients to convert the leads. Now let’s jump to our topic how SEO content writing and SEO copywriting are the foundations. We know that content comes in different formats such as blog posts, video, press releases, social media posts, emails, web pages, and marketing campaign. One of the common things that content has in common is that it involves words, which need to be written in a unique way to achieve an end goal. Because of this the confusion has begun. We know that all the marketing campaigns and strategies require writing and not all thing could be written in the same way.

The concept or the difference between SEO content writing and SEO copy writing could be compared with the real life situation. Consider a story that you would tell o different people and to your best friend. The wordings will change definitely. The same way, same concept applies to content marketing. The end goal remains the same while the wording change in the way you communicate in a context or driving conversions. This is the primary reason that a significant difference lies between SEO copywriting and SEO writing.

SEO content writing is specifically for search engines keeping the SEO in mind. Well, we can also say that SEO writing is an incredibly specialized field of copywriting and anyone who has the ability to write SEO content could hold the skill of copywriting. And, any SEO writer wanting to become a specialist should have skills of turning an article into one smooth, cohesive and functional write-up.

In SEO content writing, a writer skillfully integrate the derived keywords in the article from research. This writing involves writing for the website with aim to boost the overall rankings of that website. Well, this type of writing is not at all easy as it needs to engage the customer and also drive the rankings of the site up. SEO writing is not just about stuffing the keywords into the article, it is about analyzing the requirement and integrating the keywords smoothly enough so that the reader doesn’t even notice that it’s there.

Talking about SEO copywriting, it is a type of writing, which includes creating unique, compelling and valuable content, targeting the specific keywords. This writing should ensure that other people could promote the content on social media platforms. SEO copywriting increases the authority and relevance of the content and improves the ranking of the content for whatever purpose it has been written. SEO copywriting is perfect to recommend something as it reaches to the Google as a relevant thing to achieve greater SEO content results. It not only targets to gain the customers, but can also solve their queries with well-crafted content.


The summation of this article concludes that SEO Content Writing and SEO copywriting are two different disciplines of the content marketing. They both could generate the results with effective keyword targeting. However, both serve different purposes. Before hiring a content developer, you should be informed about both the aspects of SEO writing and SEO copywriter. And, this article will definitely help you in knowing that. All the best for your research.

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