Luxury Brand and Online Lead Generation

by Carter Toni

Just now I was wondering, will a brand be a luxury brand without offline presence? When I google the term “online luxury brands” all I see are e-commerce stores that curate and sell various luxury brands. I really did try to find a solely online platform that sells luxury items, but sadly I only found multi designer stores.

Having said that, when digital marketing took off a few years ago, Luxury brands were quite reluctant to join the bandwagon. But as we live to witness, we have all Luxury brands available online, they might ship to your country yet, but they sure have a presence. Be it social media or an e-commerce website.

Luxury brands can’t promote their brands like our everyday brands, they have to be exclusive, while still being available. Below I feel are a few ways you can steer lead generation for luxury brands.

  1. SEO
  2. Social media
  3. Email Marketing


Okay I might be a little biased, but not totally. But believe me SEO is a game changer when it comes to online selling. SEO can enhance whatever efforts you put into digital marketing. It is like the cherry on top.

Be sure to include strategies for link building, and keyword optimization. It is also a good idea to create a website that enhances user experience, is easy to use, while still depicting luxury.

Social Media

Luxury brands can benefit greatly from social media. You have a variety of platforms your business can take advantage of, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn,  and Instagram.

For you to determine which platforms are suitable for your business, you must know your target market. By analyzing your current customers, you can determine your target market.

It’s important to notice there are commonalities among them, so you can build your target market off of those things.

Then, you can use the various social platforms to reach your target market. Sharing vital contact information is easy on these platforms. Provide hours of operation, address for your followers  and of course your contact information.

These platforms also allow you to share content. The content could be a video, a blog post, or a picture. This is a great way of showcasing your products.

Email Marketing

Creating an email sign up is the first step in using email marketing. You can put this either at the top of your site or at the footer. Creating a pop-up signup that appears when people enter certain pages can also entice them to join.

Buying email lists is not a good idea. A lot of messages you send from a purchased address will end up in the spam or junk folder. The leads generated by such lists are also of questionable quality.

You can send valuable information to your subscribers as soon as you collect their email addresses from your website. Emails can be sent with discounts, special offers, and announcements about new product launches.

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