Make File Sharing Easier with GogoPDF’s Compress PDF Tool

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In this information-driven society, the need for sharing of ideas becomes increasingly necessary. This situation is the reason behind the collaborations done by individuals, groups, and even corporations. The transmission of data often starts from the creation of various documents, to converting to the appropriate file formats, and sending them through communication tools.

When sharing files, it is a common etiquette when sending an email to send an attachment that is easy to open and view. PDFs fit in this description. That’s why they are everyday things that professionals encounter. There can be many problems when sending them through various communication devices such as email. Here’s how you can solve them!

Compress your PDF files with GogoPDF

Most people only know about the best feature of PDF files, which is its capability to keep formatting in place across devices. However, did you know that another benefit of using this particular file format is its excellent shareability? Its shareability doesn’t only connect to its easy viewing, but it also has something to do with people’s ability to compress PDF.

Just as the word compress literally means, compressing your PDF files means reducing their file sizes. You can do this by using online web services or software applications that may or may not come for free. One outstanding free online tool that you can use if GogoPDF’s Compress PDF. You can use it without paying for any costs and you can have a quality experience too!

Easy Use

This excellent tool of GogoPDF exhibits really easy instructions for usage. It doesn’t require any kind of software installation, and all it needs is for you to tap onto a stable Internet connection. Such a case is possible with GogoPDF’s cloud technology. All the processes involved with PDF compression occur on the cloud! Here’s how to use GogoPDF’s Compress PDF.

  1. Once you’re on the tool’s website, select your PDF file from your storage, and upload it to the PDF compressor.
  2. GogoPDF’s tool will process your file immediately and automatically.
  3. All you have to do is wait for the compression to finish.
  4. Download your newly compressed PDF once all the processes are done!

Universal Platform Compatibility

Another fascinating thing about GogoPDF’s tool is that one can access it on any device as long as they are connected online. It would not matter if you are using any kind of operating system and whichever web browser. You just have to go online, visit the tool’s website, and accomplish the job. It is as easy as pie, right? Compressing your PDFs should be this easy!

High-quality Compression

There’s a popular notion that compressing your files reduces their quality. Indeed, such a case can happen when using a below-standard tool. Rest assured that all the files that you compress with GogoPDF’s Compress PDF will effectively reduce in size while maintaining their high quality.

Excellent Security

If you have got some qualms or doubts regarding the safety of your files when using the tool, then you have been worrying for nothing. GogoPDF’s tool employs standard encryption techniques that block others from gaining unauthorized access to your intellectual property. Moreover, all the PDFs that you uploaded will be deleted from the tool’s server after an hour.

Compress Your PDF Files

Compressing your PDF files doesn’t end with reducing their file sizes. There are a lot more applications  of size reduction, not only in the professional world, but in all matters regarding file sharing. Compressed PDFs might be the solution to the problems you are facing when attempting to transmit files to your colleagues online.

Bypass File Size Restrictions

A common occurrence when sharing your files using emails and messages is the file size limit. It turns out that the communication tools that you are fond of using can only handle so much regarding file sizes. Once your PDF documents exceed the predetermined threshold, expect that there would be a failure when attaching them to your messages.

By compressing your files, you are effectively reducing their file sizes. Doing so can effectively bypass the file size restrictions set by the developers of your communication device. Moreover, the PDFs don’t necessarily degrade in quality as GogoPDF’s tool can help preserve the high resolution your file consists of.

Reduce The Risk of File Corruption

Are you aware that there’s a high risk of file corruption when uploading and downloading huge files? They often occur due to connection timeouts and similar problems. It is extremely easy to get your files damaged when there’s a failure in uploading or downloading them. Expect that you have to repeat the upload process again and again just to achieve success.

You can use smaller files, such as your compressed PDFs, to reduce the risk of file corruption significantly. Moreover, it would be easier for you to upload and attach the file since it only carries some small number of bytes inside. From another perspective, you are also making it much easier for your recipient to download your PDFs without any issues arising midway.

Less Storage Space Consumed

As you have effectively reduced the file sizes of your PDF documents, you can expect to use less storage space than expected. It would be much more manageable for you to navigate, organize, and back them up. The extra space left can be used to store your other works or personal files.

Another thing you can gain here is the possibility of being able to save money. After all, we all know that the storage capacity of our devices are limited. Even the online storage we can purchase comes in limited amounts depending on the price we can afford. By using less space, there won’t be a need to buy more space, and be more efficient when talking about expenses.


We have to accept the fact that making documents consumes much space, and a certain action has to be done to manage them better. The solution that seems appropriate to make is to compress your PDF files. You can do this easily by using GogoPDF’s Compress PDF. So what are you waiting for? Visit its website now and start with your PDF compression!

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