PDF to PPT converter – 3 best tools

by Carter Toni

Communicate the information and attract the attention of watchers by creating a series of PowerPoint slides. Getting a little fancy with it can serve the purpose. It is just that it is a time-consuming task to manually prepare a PowerPoint presentation through the information in PDF format. It is not a problem anymore as there are conversion tools for all the educational and professional slide shows. Hundreds of thousands of such tools are accessible, but only those with top-notch quality and popularity are reliable.

These easy-to-use tools can convert a PDF file into PPT in one stroke. They keep the original structure, allowing you to modify your presentation with ease. Many of them have a broad suite of tools. They can instantly carry out other functions apart from just conversion of PDF. We are introducing the three best tools to you.

1. Soda PDF

You can effortlessly convert PDF to PPT now. Soda PDF has made it as easy as falling off a log. It has come up with ultra-modern features for its users. There will be no changes to the original elements in the slides. One important point is that if the components are presented in a picture, they will be taken as a single element. In this case, the entire image will be converted from PDF to PPT as a single element.

For converting a file you just have to drag or select it for uploading. The next step is to hit the button and what you get is PPT slides.

Its features include:

  • Truly incredible in terms of its function
  • All of the features are easy to operate
  • Free of cost
  • You will get editable files

2. PDF

The best PDF to PPT converter is right here. It is very powerful and multi-featured with an easy operation. The best features it has come up with are:

  • Do not worry about maintaining quality
  • Your file is secure
  • You can perform multiple functions
  • Workable on all the browsers
  • Supports more than 50 PPT formats
  • You can get into your business wherever you can have internet access
  • It is free
  • Use it online and you do not have to download it

Complete your task in just a couple of steps:

  • Go to 2PDF.com and drag the chosen file
  • Choose the desired PPT format
  • Pick up from available conversion options
  • File is ready. Download it!

3. PDF Converter

How to convert PDF to PPT? The simple answer to this question is, “through PDF Converter”. Yes, our third converter indeed is one of the most recognized and appreciated tools. The quality is maintained and the best part of formatting is closest to the original file. It is entirely web-based which is why it is lauded. Security of your file is guaranteed. If you use it occasionally, it is the best cost-free tool. Multiple tools are available and you can perform other functions as well. Conversion takes place in a flash.

  • Choose the file you want to convert
  • Wait for just a few seconds
  • Your PPT file is ready

Fits downside is that the free usage restricts you to one file per hour. This may be bothersome in terms of speed. You will have to wait for an hour to convert the next file. Nonetheless, if you can use the premium version, this tool is one of a kind.

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