Make the Most of your Holiday Let!

by Glenn Maxwell

With the rise of the staycation, and temperatures soaring in the UK, there’s never been a better time to make the most out of your holiday let. Read on, for some tips and tricks.

Invest in photography

You may have the most wonderful holiday lets on the market, but without amazing photographs to show them off, no one will know! Photographs play the most important role in people’s decision-making process. Consider hiring a photographer, and before they arrive, give your holiday homes a spruce up. Working together with the photographer, you can ensure your lets are captured in it their best light.

Could your single let become a multi-let?

If you are currently making money from a single let, it could be time to consider the option of multi-unit holiday lets. This simply means a single freehold that has more than one title. Depending on the accompanying land, you could add Shepherds Huts, or renovate outbuildings. The more places you have available, the more guests you can accommodate.

Provide the essentials

For us Brits, it is pretty much a universal truth, that the first thing we do when arriving on holiday, is to put the kettle on! So consider your guests’ needs and provide the essentials they will appreciate, to get their holiday off to a great start. Simple staples, such as tea bags, coffee, milk, sugar, cooking oil – even extra loo rolls, can go a long way to making your guest feel looked after.

Keep decor simple

Keep in mind, that your holiday let is not your home. It can be tempting to choose decor that is to your taste, but try to remember, you want your rentals to attract a variety of different people. Aim for timeless and simple interiors.

Extra tip: keep it clean and uncluttered, so your guests can feel truly at home.

Make sure you’re competitively priced

Be careful not to overprice. Holidaymakers may love your beautiful, professional photographs, but if the price is too high and they simply can’t afford the rent, you’ll lose out to a cheaper alternative.

That being said, don’t underprice yourself either. If a holiday let is too cheap, it may lead guests to assume there’s something wrong with it.

Act on feedback

Listen to your guests. Ensure you have a guest book or a review card in your holiday lets, to ensure you can get feedback from your guests. If there are any negative comments, aim not to take them personally – consider the criticism, objectively. Addressing issues will not only will help you to keep improving, but may bring more business in the long run; reviews are also often left online for future guests to see… If holidaymakers know that you’ve taken feedback into account and resolved issues rapidly, they will be filled with more confidence when deciding whether to book.

Running a holiday let is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whether it’s your full-time job or a side hustle, make sure you’re maximizing your holiday haven.

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