Making a SWOT Analysis in PowerPoint

by Carter Toni

What are your SWOT needs?

PowerPoint’s strengths are in building slideshows. However you can also use PowerPoint to create other visuals, such as SWOT charts for long-term planning.

PowerPoint SWOT analysis tips

SWOT analysis PowerPoint diagrams, which are brainstorming tools, can be used to assist with planning and long term outlooks. Strengths weaknesses, options and dangers are all acronyms for SWOT. This is a way to identify the positive and undesirable aspects of a business strategy, which can be divided into the Internal and External.

Powerpoint professional templates is a popular tool that large businesses use to create slideshows or presentations. PowerPoint can present stunning visual slideshows which are an added benefit to your SWOT analysis Diagrams. However this program was not intended for diagramming. To create a professionally-looking diagram, you will have to re-engineer your canvas.

This guide will demonstrate how PowerPoint can be used to create SWOT analysis diagrams with slidemodel.

How to make PowerPoint SWOT analysis diagrams

PowerPoint will open a brand new presentation. Hit Ctrl+A (Cmd), to select all. Then press Delete, to clear your canvas. To help you create your diagram, choose Ruler & Guidelines from the View tab.

Select Insert tab. Highlight the Text Box choice.

Press Shift and drag to create a quadrant.

Double-click this box to open Format Shape. Click the Size & Properties button, which is third from your left. Select Resize shape to fit the text and change it to Do NOT Auto fit. This will preserve the square shape of your box.

To copy an existing text box press Ctrl/Cmd + C. Hit the Ctrl/Cmd + V button to paste another. Hold the Ctrl + C button to select both boxes. Next, choose Format > align > Align Top.

For a total of four boxes, you will repeat the copying/pasting. To convert your diagram into a 2 by 2 diagram, you can use the alignment tools under the Drawing Tools tab.

Start typing text into each box. Highlight the text to highlight and choose Bullet Points formatting from the Home Tab.

Add design flair to your diagram. The Design tab has a wide range of styles you can choose from. This SWOT diagram uses Mesh. Modify the SWOT Diagram by using Format Background.

Just start typing in the text box that corresponds to your quadrant to add titles. In this example the title lines are along the top of the first row, while those on the bottom line run along the bottom. Highlight text alignment options and click the Home tab to change the appearance of the diagram.

Your PowerPoint SWOT analysis template is now available for printing or sharing!

How to add slidemodel SWOT analysis diagrams into PowerPoint

Open PowerPoint. Navigate to your Add-Ins. Click on the Insert tab.

To insert in PowerPoint, you can select your SWOT analysis Diagram from any of your documents.

Open this SWOT analysis table template from slidemodel.

Slidemodel makes it easy to create intricate diagrams.

Slidemodel features many of the same features as PowerPoint. Slidemodelallows you to share your diagrams with colleagues, you don’t need to delete existing elements, and publishing online can be done natively. Make a SWOT analysis map for free.

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