Countering Malicious Downloads: Google’s Advanced Protection Programs (APP) to Protect Public Figures

by Carter Toni

The huge wave of advancement in technology and its sheer affordability has turned even an average user tech-savvy; however, the change has also resulted in the spike of unscrupulous elements that have now resorted to the subtle methods of spamming to target the unsuspecting users. One such modus operandi used for spreading the malware and other baleful content are fake downloads.

Google - Countering Malicious Downloads

Whether they reach you via the medium of spam mails, or through the tempting fake download advert buttons floating on the various file share websites, one single click from your end is enough to spell the doom for your PC or any other device, which you were using to browse the internet. Experienced users might be better placed in spotting such malicious wares than an average person, yet, even they are prone to commit the mistake sometimes.

To counter this widespread menace, Google has come out with the security expansion of its prevalent Advanced Protection Programs (APP). To give you a little background check, the program helps in protecting the data of the prominent people in the public domain like politicians, business tycoons, journalists etc. to name a few, by the means of two-way authentication and via other foolproof security means.

Apart from this, the software would also offer malware download protection to everyone who uses the program and has his or her Chrome sync enabled. As a direct consequence of this, any user who has APP will automatically receive a notification from the chrome in the form of a warning dialogue box that they are about to download a malicious file. Moreover, the prompt generated is irrespective of the fact that the download was automated, or was triggered by the user upon clicking a button.

If the Chrome identifies the file as harmful, it will right away block the download even without seeking permission. At the moment, it is not very clear that when Google is going to bring this feature mainstream. However, if they decide to do so, it won’t be a surprising move at all- irrespective of the time it might take to implement. Internet security is that one thing which is unanimously valued across all segments of the tech users. Hence, any move to strengthen it to protect the data is bound to generate a positive and welcoming response amongst the masses without exception.

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