Holidays In Jaisalmer, How To Make It Most Memorable?

by Carter Toni

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Jaisalmer is one of the most iconic places in Rajasthan and India. This place is ideal for a honeymoon tour with friends and family. So, if anyone is interested in busy Jaisalmer, this article will help them make a good Jaisalmer tour package.

What Things To Do In Jaisalmer To Make It Memorable?

If you are planning to visit Jaisalmer, these things should be included in your tour package.

  • Camel riding: Camel riding is one of the best things you should include in the Jaisalmer tour package. It will be a very great experience for you and your tour partners. Several local people offer this service with good security. You just have to book the service according to your flexibility.
  • Romantic candlelight dinner in Jaisalmer: You can give a good surprise to your partner by arranging a candlelight dinner in the beautiful atmosphere of Jaisalmer. This idea should be included in their Jaisalmer tour package for the honeymoon couple or those who want to spark their relationship.
  • Enjoy the folk dance and campfire: People of Jaisalmer arrange several folk dances with a campfire for the tourists. It would help if you enjoyed this opportunity and could match your steps with the rhythm of Rajasthani folk songs.
  • Romantic photo shoot in Jaisalmer: It is the best option for Pre- and post-wedding photoshoots. Also, married couples can do some romantic photoshoots to make the Jaisalmer tour package the most memorable.

What Should Things Be Considered While Visiting Jaisalmer?

So now you know how to make your Jaisalmer tour package the most memorable. But something you should consider while visiting Jaisalmer or planning to visit there.

  • The first thing is the weather: Jaisalmer is situated near the desert. So, it would help if you carried proper sun protection while exploring Jaisalmer during day time. And the temperature becomes quite low at night, so you should carry some woolen or jackets for the night. Also, carry moisturizer for the skin.
  • Camel riding with safety: You must do camel riding but should follow some rules and regulations. Always ask for the time duration and the distance covered in your camel riding package. Always follow the advice of the people who control the Camels. Do not go too far to explode the desert as any time Desert Storm can come. If you have any physical problem like back pain, you should avoid this part.
  • Follow the local rules: When you are in Jaisalmer, always follow the local rules. The people of Jaisalmer always show heart warm welcome to the guest. But they may feel offended if you do any unethical work. Do not hurt or hunt any local animal and avoid eating non-veg and alcohol there.
  • Keep local police contact: Jaisalmer is a safe place, but it is important to take the number of the local police stations. You can easily contact the local police for help if you face any trouble. And they will come to you faster.
  • Always carry your ID: Jaisalmer is situated near India Pakistan border. So the security of some places in Jaisalmer is tight. That is high. You should carry your ID always while visiting any part of Jaisalmer. It is only for security purposes. The police and armed force entertain no kind of harassment of tourists.
  • Always fix your budget: Your trip can be awesome if you maintain a budget while visiting Jaisalmer. If you calculate your expenses and make a tour plan, it will be very helpful. You should book the stay in places before visiting Jaisalmer. Also, book the main vehicle for your tour.
  • Know about a photoshoot in Jaisalmer: If you want to do a Pre- or post-wedding photo shoot in Jaisalmer, then know the rules and regulations there. You can invite your photographer with you or can hire local photography Agencies for this purpose. If you want to take help from local photography Agencies, then always ask for instant photo prints.

This article helps you to make your Jaisalmer tour package the most exciting. Whether you are visiting for a honeymoon or with friends or family, always consider the things mentioned to enjoy fully.

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