Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Custom Bushcraft Knives!

by Sean Dixon

Knife collections must be started with much planning and thought, just like any other kind of collecting. Knife collectors should know what they want before spending money on certain knives, just like art collectors typically specialise in particular painting styles or a set of artists.

A decent blade in your pack can be a lifesaver if things go wrong and you become cut off from aid, in addition to being essential for routine camp chores like making kindling for a fire or preparing food for dinner.

But many expensive (and painful) blunders come with a new knife. Here are 5 of the worst mistakes people make while buying a custom bushcraft knife.

Mistake #1. Going for Looks Over Function

Beginners frequently choose a knife only primarily on appearance, which is a typical error.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with attractive knives, it may be very simple to fall victim to overly constructed military-style knives with blade widths that would make Rambo blush.

You’ll likely get a gigantic monster that is too big and impractical for specific activities and too delicate for demanding labour.

Mistake #2. Not Enough Research

If you walk into a store and choose the first knife set you see, a lot can go wrong. Knowing all the relevant elements to make an informed choice and save money is crucial. To understand different brands, their products, and what they can give you, some level of study is necessary.

If you do your research, you should be able to determine what kind of handle, material, blade, and edge you need for daily use. You risk hurting your finger and wasting money if you don’t conduct enough research.

  1. Not Setting a Budget

Unbelievably, a budget plays a significant role in online and offline purchases. There are many different knife kinds, and pricing ranges on the market from various brands. A buyer is more likely to spend more money than they should on a set of kitchen knives if they do not establish a budget.

The biggest error is failing to narrow down the ideal possibilities. If you decide on a budget and don’t go over it, you will be given a pricing range with a selection of high-quality knives. Try to keep some extra money on hand to buy a nice item.

  1. Being Overtaken by Advertisement

Recognise that advertising appeals to your emotions and makes you want something you’d be better off without. For instance, you want a set of kitchen knives you can use when you buy them. Spending too much will result in the wrong course of action. Be sensible when making the buy to receive a long-lasting replacement.

  1. Forgetting Maintenance

You must learn to maintain your new knife properly if you want it to last as long as possible.

It is especially true if you get a carbon steel knife because poor maintenance quickly converts it into a rusty block.

You’ll need to sharpen your bushcraft knife and protect it from rusting periodically.

It is done for safety as well as to maintain its functionality. A dull knife is far more likely to become uncontrollable since it requires much more force to cut through the material.


Purchasing quality bushcraft knives is a comprehensive procedure that calls for caution, investigation, and practical experience. The most frequent errors to avoid throughout the purchasing process including failing to establish a budget and conducting insufficient research.

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