Music That Means a Lot to You

by Carter Toni

There’s no denying the importance of music and the impact that it can have on your emotions and mental state. People have historically enjoyed music a great deal, and this is now more convenient than ever thanks to the commonplace nature of music streaming services, and mobile devices that allow you to listen to music wherever you are.

Despite this universal love for music, however, it also finds a way to be deeply personal to the individual. There will be songs and melodies that mean a whole lot to you that would likely not have as much of an impact on other people. It’s hard to force this relationship with new music, but there are ways that you can become more aware of how the link is formed.

Something That’s Unique to You

Sometimes, it’s easier to feel a stronger connection to something when it feels as though not many other people know about it. This sense of possession and personal identity might be somewhat lost if you’re talking about a song that many people share, whereas a song might end up feeling more special to you if it feels like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Looking through specific playlists on your streaming platform of choice might lead you to some hidden gems, and certain platforms even tell you how many people have listened to it so you can be sure of its niche nature.

You could take this a step further if you felt so inclined, and order a personalised song from Songly that would be entirely unique to you. There could be any number of occasions where this would also be applicable, such as a gift which might help someone else form a special relationship with a piece of music.

You could even create your own music by learning an instrument, whether it’s beginner bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, or piano. What’s more, you might wish to get singing lessons, whether as an accompaniment to your musical instrument or as an alternative.Whatever the case, not only is playing and creating music fun, but it allows you to indulge in your creativity and generate original music that’s your own – and show it off to people you love.

Associating it with a Certain Time

One of the biggest ways in which music can have an emotional impact on people is through its ability to transport them back to a certain time where they first discovered the song. Memories are hugely powerful enough without the added ability to listen to something that can directly transport you back toward them. The strange thing about this relationship is the fact that it’s not a uniquely positive thing. Listening to music can sometimes evoke particularly painful memories that can forever change how you perceive a song,

Try New Things

It can be tempting to try and force this relationship, but that might quickly lead you to discovering just how difficult it actually is to attain it. It’s something that can often happen completely by accident. A song that you heard once or twice in a certain time can be forever joined to it, whereas something that you listen to religiously ends up escaping your memories entirely.

There’s no need to try and force this, but it might do you well to constantly make an active effort to try new music. It can help to broaden your horizons and allow you to make new connections in a way that is easier than ever thanks to modern technology.

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