Must-Have Supplies For A New Camper!

by Sean Dixon

Must-Have Supplies

Did you just get yourself a new trailer, truck camper, or RV, and you are looking for a way to make it homely, furnished, and campsite friendly? Well, there are a ton of nice camper accessories, gadgets, and RV supplies, such as an rv smoke detector, at your disposal that can transform your camper into a functional home on wheels. Let’s take a look at some must-have supplies you need for your new camper:

  1. Drinking water hose:

Whether staying in your Recreational Vehicle or living at home, one thing you certainly can not do without is clean water. For this reason, one of the first things you need to ensure your camper is equipped with is a Drinking water hose. When choosing a water hose, one thing you need to consider is the length of the hose because it will have to be connected to a water source that may not be very close to where your RV is stationed; you want to ensure the hose is long enough.

  1. RhinoFlex Camper Sewer Hose:

When choosing what’s going to bring clean water into your RV, you also have to consider what will take out your used, dirty water; that’s why a Rhinoflex camper sewer hose is essential. It’s very durable, sturdy and not very pricey. You also have to consider the length because you do not want to choose a hose that is not long enough to get to the waste outlet or disposal station.

  1. Water pressure regulator:

This will come in handy when you find yourself at a campsite that doesn’t regulate the pressure of water coming out of the spigot. Its function is to regulate the pressure of water going into the camper by reducing it to a safe level to prevent catastrophic damage to the camper piping. This accessory is usually fastened to the drinking water hose at the water source or the hose channel in the RV.

  1. Inline water filter:

You cannot be sure of the water quality you’ll get at a campsite or RV site. Sometimes the water may be harmful and must be purified before consumption. This is why an in-line water filter is a must. It helps treat and filter the water for clean and safe drinking water. All you need to do is screw it on your drinking water hose, and it removes all the dirt and harmful chemicals.

Other essential accessories you’ll need to include in your RV to complete the setup are RV sewer support, water connector Y valve, RV levelling block, compact coffee maker, RV tire pressure monitoring system, and central vacuum system. Some outdoor camping accessories include:

  • Zero gravity lounge chair
  • Folding camp table
  • Outdoor patio mat
  • Picnic table cloth with clamps
  • Pop-up canopy tent and a standing ice cooler

All these are essential to help make your camper as comfortable as possible and give you an amazing camping experience.

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