Non-Tech Gifts That Every Kid Will Love!

by Glenn Maxwell

Non-technical skills are one of the most important life skills in our modern world. These are typically learned through hands-on activities without any dependence on traditional school subjects, such as technology.

Gifts can be as simple as a book, craft, or ball, and they have many benefits. Carefully selecting a gift teaches kids to think creatively and not just follow the crowd.

While they may not appreciate the meaning of a non-tech gift at the time, it will serve as a great inspiration for them when they look back later in life.

Is Tech Bad For Kids?

Tech isn’t inherently bad for kids. It’s good for children to get used to using technology safely from a young age.

Tech can become addictive, and it is the responsibility of parents to monitor this. The use of technology should be balanced with other activities that encourage kids to develop non-tech skills.

Non-tech gifts can also be thought of as an investment for the future. When kids grow up in a technologically driven world, just about everything they do involves some form of technology. It is good for them to learn that there are other ways to solve problems through hands-on methods from a young age.

Here are a few ideas.

A Personalized Usable Gift

Giving your child a personalized gift is a lovely thought, and it will encourage them to start thinking of themselves as a person in their own right, rather than just being seen as an item or commodity.

Even if they do not see the gifts being used, giving a personalized gift shows them that you care about them and their wellbeing.

Gifts like t-shirt blankets, travel mugs or bottles, personalized books, etc., are great ideas in the personalized category.

 A Book They Can Read To Themselves

Reading aloud to children is important for encouraging language development, phonological awareness, and even developing their vocabulary.

Children learn by repetition, so it’s beneficial for them to read stories over and over again. This is a great opportunity for them to absorb words and phrases from the story.

It is important to choose books that are well-written, engaging, and age-appropriate for kids. If it interests them, then they will read it on their own and become more familiar with the language and associated vocabulary.

A Good Old Fashioned Card Game Or Board Game

Card games have been around far longer than computer games have! They can be great fun for both kids and adults (if they are any good at the game) alike.

Board games are not just limited to children, though. They can be played by both children and adults! A classic example of a board game that is enjoyed by both generations is “Monopoly”.

Board games are also great for improving hand-eye coordination and also for encouraging a greater capacity for logic.

An Exploration Kit

There are lots of these types of kits on the market, and they’re great for getting kids outside!

Consider getting a bug exploration kit, a pond discovery kit, or a spotting kit like bird spotting or tree spotting.

These kits allow kids to get to know their environment, have fun, and learn at the same time.

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