9 Nontoxic Cookware Brands Completing Our Kitchens In 2022!

by Glenn Maxwell

From Surefire Containers to Ceramic Nederlander Ovens

We are within our kitchens now more than ever before, and we’re realizing the deterioration on a lot of our most-used cooking utensils. Even though we’ve made many conscious swaps within our home, kitchen tools sometimes go a little undetected.

Think about the chemicals which may be within our cookware: Teflon, for instance, is easily the most broadly known brand utilized as a non-sticking agent. Based on the American Cancer Society, the PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acidity) used while making Teflon has some concerns about its carcinogenicity. Reports say that PFOA exposure may affect defense mechanisms functions in humans, too.

Knowing there are alternatives without dangerous chemicals, an investment to upgrade the kitchen at home tools makes it worth while. If you are looking for nontoxic and chemical-free cookware, take a look at a lot of our favorite brands below!

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1. Our Place

  • Features Multifunctional designs
  • Range Of Products Cups, plates, bowls, multifunctional pans & containers
  • Our Pick Always Pan ($145-$175)
  • Cost Range $45-$310

Our Place’s minimalist cookware will it all. The Always Pan, for instance, is available in ten soothing earth tones and features a spatula along with a steaming basket for those-in-one cooking. It’s ideal for individuals with only a little space. On top of that, this cookware is ethically created using responsible materials, and it is Teflon-, PFOA-, and PTFE-free. Located in La, the company also partners with organizations combatting food insecurity.

Customer Review “Living in a tiny studio apartment in La means getting only a little space for everything. I enjoy prepare try not to have space its my containers and pans. This beautiful piece has replaced 3 of my old pans.” -Amanda M.


2. Caraway Home

  • Features Ethically made & recyclable ceramic cookware
  • Range Of Products Pans, nederlander ovens, sets, bakeware, accessories & linens
  • Our Pick Sauce Pan ($105)
  • Cost Range $30-$395

The hype is, actually, real with regards to Caraway Home! This affordable cookware and bakeware brand uses only ceramic along with a mineral coating because of its goods. In addition pieces are ethically made and submitted eco-friendly packaging-and they’re recyclable, too. If you’re able to, we advise grabbing a collection for any generous discount!

Customer Review “I am SO glad which i required the leap… Not just would be the pans gorgeous, however they prepare wonderful! They create healthy cooking very simple and clean-up is even breezier.” -Maren H.


3. Xtrema

  • Features Pure ceramic cookware
  • Range Of Products Skillets, saucepans, containers, nederlander ovens, teapots, sets, & accessories
  • Our Pick Saucepans ($99.99-$195.99)
  • Cost Range $11.99-$599.99

Family-owned Xtrema makes ceramic, nontoxic cookware, along with other kitchen essentials. The company is enthusiastic about creating products free of dangerous ingredients, which means you won’t find PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, coatings, or additives. Don’t miss its reward program and purchasers!

Customer Review “We began using Xtrema cookware a couple of years back. There is a little learning curve, however we could not imagine cooking without them! Our food feels healthier and tastes more flavorful than ever before.Inches -James V.



  • Features 100% recycled aluminum
  • Range Of Products Skillets, pans, containers, griddles, covers, sets
  • Our Pick CS Deep Sauté Pan ($490)
  • Cost Range $43-$1,950

SCANPAN continues to be sustainable since its launch in 1956. Even today, the Denmark-based team uses only recycled aluminum, that is PFOA- and PFOS-free. The ES5 line is perfect for any budget, as the CS collection is perfect for investment pieces. They’re excessive-quality, Sur la Table uses SCANPAN during its cooking classes.

Customer Review “[I purchased them] after going for a cooking class and hearing our chef discuss the pans and […] how after eight years within the teaching kitchen, they still looked new. Yes they’re costly, but they’re greatly worthwhile.Inches -John S.


5. Milo by Kana

  • Features Partly recycled surefire
  • Range Of Products Nederlander ovens, skillet, sets, accessories
  • Our Pick Small Nederlander ($110)
  • Cost Range $95-$340

Milo by Kana’s heritage-inspired cookware is made of enameled surefire, that is naturally non-stick. The brand’s kitchen goods are produced to last having a lifetime warranty and therefore are fully free of toxic chemicals. We especially love the small nederlander oven, for slow cooking and all sorts of comfort foods.

Customer Review “As somebody who only cooks for 1-2 people at any given time, this pot is the best size for each meal I really like how versatile it’s too! Ideal for making stews, searing meat, and baking bread!” -Joanne Y.


6. Lodge Surefire

  • Features Eco-conscious, handcrafted surefire
  • Range Of Products Surefire, steel, stoneware, & cooking accessories
  • Our Pick Surefire Stir-Fry Pan ($74.95)
  • Cost Range $15.95-$161.95

Searching for heirloom cookware? Lodge’s containers and pans happen to be made in the united states using traditional techniques since 1886! The company is enthusiastic about eco-friendly and social initiatives, too: Its cookware is available in recycled and biodegradable packaging, and Lodge tracks its energy conservation and recycling program.

Customer Review “I really like it. Around the stove, within the oven, around the grill, or sitting right lower within the coals of the fire… nothing heats too so that as evenly as surefire.Inches -Jack H.


7. Emile Henry

  • Features Wide variety of cookware
  • Range Of Products Cookware, bakeware, & dining
  • Our Pick Square Baker ($43.95)
  • Cost Range $21.95-$199.95

Emile Henry is really a family-owned cookware brand, began in France. Their staple is its assortment of clay ceramic products, which are heat resistant, durable, and free of dangerous chemicals. This cookware is made for everybody, in the bread bakers and fondue enthusiasts to individuals cooking dishes wealthy in spices and vegetables.

Customer Review “I got myself the ivory-colored Loaf Baker a week ago. I’ve designed a loaf each day. They come out beautiful. I place it within the oven just before baking to heat the clay.” -Karen F.


8. Produced In

  • Features Carbon & stainless, copper
  • Range Of Products Containers, pans, bakeware, hand crafted knives, cookware kits
  • Our Pick Carbon Steel Fry Pan ($69-$95)
  • Cost Range $19-$2,499

From France, Produced In offers artisan-crafted cookware inspired by generation-old French cooking methods. Produced from attentively selected, chemical-free metals, these pieces are stick-resistant. Construct your own curated kitchen set or choose the pre-made ones, such as the extravagant 121-piece option!

Customer Review “I really like many of these products. The pans are ideal for everyday use, for things I did previously experience non-stick pans only before, like pancakes and eggs!” -Jen N.

SHOP Produced In

9. Great Johnson

  • Features Engravable cookware
  • Range Of Products Containers & pans, sets, bakeware, sides & accessories
  • Our Pick The Dutchess ($155)
  • Cost Range $15-$395

This brand was began by two best buddies from their shared desire for food. They desired to offer modern, heirloom-quality cookware that nodded her head to female chefs and food authors alike. Great Jones’ goods are crafted with nontoxic materials like stainless, ceramic, and surefire. Their interactive website, useful sources, and bold aesthetic help searching for cookware feel less intimidating.

Customer Review “The Dutchess may be the stockpot, braiser, multi-purpose decor item i wanted. Everything I have managed to get in has switched out superbly.” -Mattie K.


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