Outdoor Lighting – How to Maximize It

by Carter Toni

Outdoor lighting should be considered equally as indoor lighting, regardless of whether you live in a single-family house, townhouse, or condominium. Exterior lighting offers many benefits. It:

  • Increases safety in the dark. It makes it easier to move around your home’s exterior, and it also helps prevent crime.
  • Allows you to find your way (seeking out how to get from one place to another).
  • It creates a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends when they enter the front door.
  • Dramatizes architectural or landscape features.
  • This helps to create a comfortable and social environment, such as a designated seating area or entertainment area.
  • Outdoor grilling is possible at night, especially during darker seasons.
  • You can increase curb appeal, not only when you live in your house but also when you sell it.

These benefits don’t come just from outdoor lighting. Your best outdoor lighting plan must be well thought out and implemented to reap the benefits. You can also visit our site and explore more lighting options for your outdoor space.

Strive for Balance between Security and Aesthetics

It is a good idea to start by simply walking around your house at night with a flashlight. You should note any dark areas in your home that need to be lit, as well as areas in the landscape and garden that may be of interest. Think about indoor lighting in the same way as indoor lighting. There are three types of light-ambient: task (general lighting), task, accent, and task.

You should also consider lighting areas such as your front door, pool steps, driveways and garage doors, walkways, decks, or patios. Address plates, landscaping, flagpoles, and outdoor cooking areas are all areas that may benefit from lighting. Beam angles should also be considered when assessing the areas that you require light. Direct lighting is not always the best as it can cause glare and blindness. Instead, diffused or ambient lighting may be a better option.

Choose the Best Fixtures for Your Outdoor Space

There are many types of exterior lighting fixtures available that can be used in different ways. Other than the lamp post, pendant, and ceiling fixture, there are many other types of outdoor lighting that are increasingly popular. These include bollard lights, which are vertical posts typically between 40 and 44 inches high. They are used to improve visibility along architectural pathways, steps, or long driveways. Path lights, which are smaller in stature, and up lights (for highlighting water features, flagpoles, or greenery).

Figure Out Your Outdoor Lighting Style

Are you looking to have your outdoor lighting match the style of your indoor lights? Are you looking to highlight a different architectural style on your home’s exterior? Do you prefer to go minimalist and make the fixtures disappear? There are many lighting styles available, including furniture and modern outside decor. They range from Modern and Art Deco to Cape Cod, French Provincial, and many others. Technology has made exterior lighting more decorative and versatile than indoor lighting. This is the greatest advancement in outdoor lighting. You will find the right outdoor lighting style for you.

Pay Attention to Outdoor Lighting Ratings

It is important that outdoor lighting purchased be either wet-rated (which means it can be used in direct rain areas) or damp-rated (which allows for use in protected, but potentially damp environments). Be aware of any local codes that may apply such as Dark Sky compliance. This requires outdoor lighting to be directed down to reduce light pollution to the night sky.

Enhance the value of your home with an outdoor room

The growing number of people who consider their outdoor space an extension of their home is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.  An outdoor room is no longer limited to a small grill and a picnic table. It can be multi-functional and have a fireplace that extends the season. These areas can be enhanced with light schemes and designed to increase their value. This will give you and your family many years of enjoyment.

Provides Year-Round Enjoyment:

The lighting element is the same regardless of the season. Each season brings different lighting effects. It is quite different to see how the sun shines on snow-covered evergreens in winter than when they are just beginning to bloom in spring.

Easy of Use

Professionally installed systems can be programmed to automatically turn on and off, meaning you don’t need to worry about it. Many landscape lighting companies offer ongoing services programs or a service team to make sure your system performs year after year. This makes it easier for homeowners.

A well-designed outdoor lighting design can highlight and enhance the unique features of your property or home, while also adding curb appeal, safety, security, and enjoyment. Professional landscape lighting companies will take into consideration lighting security and beauty. This skill is not available to everyone.

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