Overwatch 2 PvP Changes!

by Glenn Maxwell

Overwatch 2 is one of the most expected games nowadays. It is built on an award-winning foundation based no epic competitive play that challenges the heroes to power up, team up and be the winners. Happily, Blizzard gave us the chance to play the PvP beta version, even though many new content is still coming.

What is PvP version? Overwatch PvP is a special game mode, designed for the players to compete against other players, rather than competing against the AI of the game. But let us tell you more about the great changes and updates that we can see in the new Overwatch 2.

5v5 Teams

One of the biggest changes we witnessed in the Overwatch 2 PvP version is the change in the team sizes, from six to five. Currently, we have 6v6 that is composed of 2 tanks, 2 support and 2 dps, however, the shocking change is here.

In Overwatch 2 we only have 1 tank, 2dps and 2 support. But this does not mean that the team will be less powerful! Bizzard promises a tank that Is more tanky, more brawly and more powerful than ever. Sounds interesting, right?

Passive Abilities and Visual Changes

Of course, we have to mention the passive abilities and visual changes that Overwatch 2 gives us. Firstly, the damaged heroes are moving slightly faster than before. This makes it harder to actually kill them. Secondly, we can clearly see that tanks have a reduced knockback, and they give us less ultimate charge to enemies. Is this going to make the game more intense, or even harder? We will see! And last, but not least passive ability change- the support regenerates health like Mercy.

What about the visual changes? An unified green health bar is now being placed over the health status. It looks good, and it actually helps the player to follow his overall health condition. Furthermore, new maps are coming, promising that they will provide great design and amazing experience to the Overwatch 2 gamers.

Hero Changes

Maybe the real big change in Overwatch 2 is the change of the looks and powers of all the heroes. Furthermore, some global changes can be seen on their overall abilities. For example,  all support heroes are healing faster, with 15 HP/second, if they were not damaged for 2 seconds. But, lets come back to the changes of the heroes:

  • Reinhardt- Reinhard gets 2x Firestrike charges. Furthermore, this hero can steer more fluid while charging, and now he can stops the charging process anytime he wants.
  • Zaya- Zaya has 2 charge bubbles each now. This means that she has 2 times to bubble a teammate, and two more times to bubble herself.
  • Winston- Winston has the ability to fire straight, ranged shot now. This makes him more powerful than before.
  • Zenyatta- Zenyatta’s UI will be now displaying the orb and hero portraits on the screen. This sounds similar to Mercy’s, right? Furthermore, he was given a Snap Kick ability, which boosted his damage by 50%, and allowed him to create space between him and his enemies, because as we all remember, Zenyatta was powerless in close-range fights.
  • Mei- Maybe one not so good change- Mei is not longer capable of freezing other players completely. She can only slow them down, however, she is more powerful and has more damage than before.
  • Solider:76- there were a lot of complains that Solider:76 is more powerful than any other hero. That’s why in Overwatch 2 his speed was decreased to 40, and his Heavy Pulse Rifle damage was decreased to 18. However, this does not mean that he is not powerful anymore.

In addition, many other heroes were slightly changed too, especially in their look. You can read more about this in our other article.

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