Pakistani Designer’s Bridal Dresses For Every Wedding!

by Glenn Maxwell

A wedding dress can make or break your wedding day! For every bride, having a perfect wedding dress is an essential part of her big day. Not only does it make the bride look beautiful, but it will also serve as a constant reminder of the day that she married her prince charming. Pakistani designers understand the significance of a wedding dress and are constantly releasing eye-catching bridal wear every season. They aim to help modern brides cherish this special day fashionably and stylishly.

We have put together some of our favorites below! Read on to discover the best designers and from where you can purchase their outfits online!

Maryam N Maria:

An eminent name in the fashion industry, Maryam N Maria has an extensive bridal and fancy wear collection that will surely impress any bride-to-be. The designer’s bridal collection features elaborate embroidery, chiffon and silk, precious stonework, and embroidered bodices. Her wedding outfits feature sparkling gems and exquisite stitching.

Maria B:

The emergence of female fashion designers has given rise to some leading brands in the country. One such brand is Maria B. Established in 1999, this brand has become one of the most prolific and sought-after names in the bridal fashion industry.

The Maria B bridal dresses have a regal design and are decorated with fine thread, stone, and beaded embroidery. They are fully embellished with pearls and thread and have a regal look. The wedding gowns from Maria B have a timeless appeal that is both traditional and modern.

Saira Rizwan:

One of the most anticipated series of the year, Saira Rizwan’s bridal collection is out and ready to glam up your bridal look. With an appropriate amount of sparkle and shine, Saira’s dresses will help you achieve this. Saira Rizwan was established in 2007 and has become a leading fashion brand in Pakistan. Her bridal wear collections are adorned with beautiful, enriched, and royal designs. Her offerings range from elegant and traditional bridal gowns to funky, after-wedding dresses for the festive season.


There are many reasons to choose Imrozia for your wedding dress. It is a luxury brand that features a formal and festive collection. The focus is on detail, such as bead and pearl embellishments, floral embroidery, and contrasting colors. The variety of the bridal dresses from Imrozia is staggering. The brand’s collections feature everything from lace, zardozi, and pearls to embellishments and the best thing is its collections are budget-friendly.

Zara Shahjahan:

A wide variety of stunning dresses is available in Zara Shahjahan’s wedding dress collection, which is ideal for any kind of wedding occasion. The Zara wedding dress collection features rich, weighty embroidery, stonework, and dabka shading. Its traditional design is combined with modern elegance and vintage particularization.


A bridal gown should have all the elements of a beautiful look. Elan’s wedding dresses are a combination of styles, colors, and fabrics that make them unique and classy. Elan wedding gowns have a simple yet elegant style and you feel royal and beautiful on your big day.


This fashion label offers everything that you need for your big day, from traditional Pakistani wedding dresses to elegant wedding gowns for the modern bride. You can choose from an impressive range of fabrics and styles to suit your taste. The quality of the fabric is second to none and the designs are simply stunning. Mushq designers take pride in providing you with the best quality in every piece they produce, from bridal gowns to formal dresses.

Akbar Aslam:

If you are in the market for an exquisite bridal gown, you should check out Akbar Aslam’s collection. The designer is famous for his elaborate embroideries and embellishments. The bridal collection by Akbar Aslam is exquisitely crafted, offering a variety of choices for both formal and party wear. His collection is characterized by perceptible patterns and striking embroidery. These dresses will make you look spiffy and smart. With the wide variety of options, you are bound to find the perfect wedding gown.

Adan’s Libas:

Adan Libas is an acclaimed fashion brand from Pakistan. This Pakistani designer brand specializes in creating innovative and classy ensembles for women. Each piece of clothing is crafted with great care and attention to detail and is treated as an art form. They are made of premium fabrics and are characterized by intricate embellishments and fine weavings.

Emaan Adeel:

A prestigious Pakistani fashion house, Emaan Adeel aims to push the boundaries of traditional ethnic wear. The Maherma bridal collection features beautiful embellishments and cutting that meld with modern-day trends. A chiffon ensemble embellished with beads and zari is just one of the many modern touches in the collection. Featuring gorgeous floral embroidery, the bridal ensembles from Emaan Adeel’s bridal collections will enchant your friends and family. This collection is sure to be a favorite among fashionable girls in the UK, Europe, and the USA.


The wedding collection “Shadmani” series is a big hit by Qalamkar.  Their designs are both elegant and traditional. You can choose from embroidery, Zardozi, tilla, or contrasting colors and contrasting stones. Whatever type of fabric you prefer, Qalamkar has an elegant, affordable design for you.

Rang Rasiya:

With its newest premium collection and diverse designs, Rang Rasiya is fast becoming the most popular brand in Pakistani fashion. The range of Rang Rasiya Pakistani designer’s wedding dress collections has wowed the fashion world, from fashion editors to customers. The designs are contemporary and sophisticated, and customers are particularly attracted to the intricate details of the embroidery and motifs.


Afrozeh’s wedding dress collections are not only gorgeous but also affordable. If you are looking for an affordable wedding gown that will still look great on you, check out their Espoir Collection. The collection consists of beautiful wedding gowns that are perfect for any occasion. The designs feature stunning embroidery and are made of chiffon fabric. The Afrozeh Riona Collection is a perfect example of their creative designs. They are made of chiffon fabric and feature intricate embroidered designs.

Maryam Hussain:

Maryam Hussain is a popular name in Pakistani fashion. Its collections encompass all aspects of fashion. If you are planning a traditional or a modern wedding, Maryam Hussain’s bridal dress collections can give you a lot of inspiration for your special day. Their stylish and classy dresses come in various styles, fabrics, and colors, and will make you look stunning on your big day.

Sana Safinaz:

If you want to buy a wedding dress, you should check out Sana Safinaz’s collection. This Pakistani fashion brand has some brilliant designs. These wedding dresses are made from luxurious fabrics. The designer has designed wedding dresses with the needs of modern ladies in mind. You’ll be sure to find a stunning gown that evokes royal charm.


For a bride-to-be, a wedding dress from Baroque is just what she needs. This high-end clothing brand has been in business for over three decades and has built a reputation for offering quality clothes in beautiful designs. The brand offers timeless and chic designs for all women. The Baroque collection includes everything from formal slacks and sarees to wedding gowns and bridal gowns.

Baroque wedding dresses are popular in the western world, but their Pakistani counterparts are just as beautiful. These dresses combine the traditional traditions of the wedding gown with the latest fashion trends to create stunning, yet classic wedding attire.

Republic Women’s wear:

A high-end designer of Pakistani clothing, the Republic Womenswear brand, has taken the bridal market by storm, and has proven her capabilities time and again. The wedding dress style she presents is exquisite and sensual and will accentuate the bride’s figure. These gowns are usually crafted from luxurious fabrics such as chiffon, organza, and tulle net. Swarovski crystals and intricate handcraft techniques are added to the dresses.


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